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Marc Perkel October 2, 2013 at 11:26 am
At this point it's up to Tony. Or - we can find the other 5 merchants hit. Tony thinks that 2 ofRead More them were the gas stations on the corners of Monterey and Tenth. From the research I've done the suits themselves are not only illegal, but there's mandatory attorney discipline in SB-1186 to punish lawyers who bring these lawsuits. So we need to go after these lawyers just as we would any predator.
Jennifer Squires October 2, 2013 at 11:32 am
I've heard Fortino’s Winery and possibly other wineries, Sinaloa’s Mexican Restaurant inRead More Morgan Hill and a Morgan Hill taqueria that shut down. This is the law: Although all new buildings must comply with federal disabled access regulations, owners of structures built prior to 1985 can cite financial hardship for not making improvements. They must only add disabled access if they have renovated the building for which a permit would be required. If they renovate, they must add access equal to the cost of 20 percent of those renovations, according to San Rafael architect Peter Walz, who specializes in ADA-related modifications.
Marc Perkel October 2, 2013 at 12:22 pm
Check out this law to protect against drive by lawsuits.Read More http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml We need to figure out if it's the same lawyer. Go after them.
Terance Healy October 14, 2013 at 09:47 am
The victims experienced the loss of the Constitution first. But no one would listen. Everyone whoRead More hears the wide spread stories of the death of the Constitution know the feeling, but are unsure of how it could have happened. How can so many people ignore the loss of constitutionally protected rights and liberties. How can the government lawfully fail to investigate. How does this deliberate and intentional neglect to recognize the loss of rights HAPPEN IN AMERICA? It was necessary to find the answer, the cause, the reason. Everyone felt their neglectful actions were lawful. There was that, and ONE OTHE THING which they ALL had in common. RULE 1.6. Caused it… and kept it secret. MANDATED THE SECRECY. PREVENTING ANY RESOLUTION. RULE 1.6 Confidentiality of Information punished any who dared make any attempt to expose the sedition caused by this law. This law illegally enacted by the judiciary which prevented prosecution of judicial misconduct – judicial crime – judicial retaliation. The author of the RULE, the American Bar Association, became the largest and most corrupt racketeering organization in the history of the United States. And their lawyers are preventing the media from carrying this story. They took our homes. They took our children. They took our families. They took our friends. They took our liberty. … with Liberty and Justice for all. JUSTICE IS COMING! Notify your representatives, your senators, your governor, your federal officials… tell them about the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules Of Professional Conduct. (YES, THE SAME EXACT NAME IN EVERY STATE. REALLY.) Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional, destructive, and unjust. Americans demand the restoration of your civil rights and liberties! PROCLAIM JUSTICE THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL INHABITANTS THEREOF! http://work2bdone.com/live/2013/10/6885/
Here's the questions we should ask
Worden Report July 6, 2013 at 12:19 pm
The ethics of PRISM can be put in terms of lying, as evinced by Robert Clapper, Director ofRead More Intelligence at the NSA, before Congress. Kant’s critique of lying can shed light on whether Clapper should have lied. If he should not have, what are the implications for the republic from the compromised democratic accountability? See "The NSA Goes to Congress: Kant on Lying as Unethical" http://www.thewordenreport.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-nsa-goes-to-congress-on-ethics-of.html
Is it now illegal to be Honest
Marc Perkel June 15, 2013 at 09:48 pm
I've noticed that the last 2 times I've posted that there were unusual error in posting. It looksRead More like The Patch is beginning to resist my posts on this subject. If you see me go away might be because they are cutting me off. this is serious stuff and it really needs to be said.
Obama and Congress suspend constitutional law
Jeri Beth Maxie June 13, 2013 at 06:07 am
Very well put.............no wild inflammatory accusations, just the facts
Rich Buckley June 30, 2013 at 09:14 am
Marc, Personal Note: I Need A Surrogate Blogger. I'll Post For You If You'll Post For Me On PatchRead More (Help Phase Out The Illuminati) Let's form a league with extraordinary power for the good. Please forward this to a friend if it's not for you. READ MORE >>> http://tinyurl.com/oxdlwtp
OldTimeGilroy June 30, 2013 at 09:26 am
Hey, I BELONG to the Illuminati. And we've got our eye on you, Buckley. We're the original League ofRead More Extraordinary Gentlemen.
rob pearson June 12, 2013 at 08:05 am
How can he be impeached? That would require those crooked politicians in Washington to actually makeRead More a decision. They are too busy strutting around acting like they are gods to actually agree on anything. I don't see where Mr bought and Sold Biden would be much better or different. I say we might as well face up to our demise as the country as we know it. The chinese are trying to buy all of the USA and what they can't buy they easily steal. I am taking Mandarin classes myself.
Christian Holm June 12, 2013 at 08:12 am
Uhg... they said the same thing about the Japanese buying everything in the late 80s and early 90s.Read More The Chinese economy is about as stable as a row boat in a hurricane. Japan has had a "lost decade" and is still feeling it. The way China looks... I'd be paying attention to Gordon Chang. http://www.gordonchang.com/ he's usually right about what's happening in China. If he tells me what you say is ridiculous, I'll believe him. What he says at least suggests what you say is ridiculous.
Christine Reardon June 17, 2013 at 04:18 am
Lets see here. My husband and I live in a very small town in the USA we are very old and now is theRead More time for TRUTH. Our phone is tapped. This is truth. I worked for a service and one day I had a delivery to a state/Gov office, while there I looked around as it was not a normal looking office for a 3 story building. I saw with my own eyes, at least 60 women all with head sets sitting in front of computers and on the computer screens was peoples emails and on others was a electronic phone book looking thing. The women were listening and reading peoples emails and phone calls. And this was 6 years ago. Just think what is going on now! For the people saying if they don't do this we will have another 9 11 attack. Well read the history. Our Government KNEW all about the attacks and DID NOTHING! This too is fact and you can research it for your self. Oh gosh there is so so much more. I truly worry for our grandchildren and pray for all of us as very very bad things are coming and they are coming soon.
Tamra~Kathleen June 6, 2013 at 08:03 am
I'm not catholic. Well, I mean, I was raised catholic.... And I get what Marc is trying to say. ButRead More I want to say that I still like this pope. No matter what their spokesman says after the fact, the pope still said what he said about atheists, and he's still a bit of a rebel, which in my book makes him a rock star of a pope. I'm interested to hear what the big P says next. :)
John June 6, 2013 at 12:51 pm
Ron - the fundamental message of Marc's commentary was that being a non-Catholic does not make oneRead More evil. As a former (reforming?) Catholic, it is crystal clear that such statements promote division and hate within the world population. The bottom line to Catholicism, interestingly shared by so many religions, is the Golden Rule - "Love your Neighbor as yourself" - and in doing so show your love for God. So much of what the church preaches is contrary to this simple rule that Jesus not only taught and stated repeatedly in so many ways, but lived by every moment of his life and with all his being. Jesus also stated "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, so you do unto me". How do the recent statements by the Vatican align with these two most fundamental teachings of Christ? If Mother Teresa did not believe in God, would that make her less of a saint? And really, pedophile priests and their enablers in heaven? Come on. As for the 10 to the ridiculous power - supporting evidence is increasing on an almost daily basis that life exists elsewhere in the universe. There are few astronomers now that would categorically say life does not exist anywhere but on Earth. Earth is proving not to be so unique. Of course life exists elsewhere. Possibly in forms that we can't even imagine. Intelligent life? We might not recognize it, but I personally am convinced of it. Intelligent life elsewhere does not preclude the existence of God, in fact it enhances it, so why so defensive? There are in fact other intelligent life forms already proven to exist - dolphins, octopi, apes, elephants. How intelligent is really still unknown. Again, more about this subject being discovered almost continuously, to the point that those studying such things are seriously considering a class of beings considered "non-human people". Undeniable proof of such should not threaten, but enhance the fundamental beliefs of all God-centric religions. Carl Sagan believed it was not a question of whether there was life on other planets, but rather just how many (as in many, many) planets actually support life. With the 10 to the X number of galaxies, each containing 10 to the y stars, it would be absurd to believe that other planets similar to Earth do not exist as well as life forms on planets that may not be too similar to Earth. Your statement about intelligent life existing only on Earth will, in the not-to-distant future, be catalogued along with the likes of Earth being the center of the universe, the sun revolves around the Earth, etc., etc.
Ron Briscoe June 7, 2013 at 11:02 am
John than you for your thoughtfull reply. I don't believe being a non catholic makes one evilRead More either. I am not catholic and I am not evil , in the conventional meaning of the word, I am, however, like everyone of us a sinner. Your assertion that "Earth is proving to be not so unique." is completely wrong. The most recent data continues to increase our knowledge of the uniqueness of Earth. As to life existing elsewhere, almost impossible. However if it does, I agree, that certainly does not preclude the existence of God. I certainly did not make a statement about "intelligent life existing only on Earth". I actually never mentioned intelligent life at all. I did say "permanent simple life" that was the one time I mentioned life. Your assertion that "With the 10 to the x number of galaxies, each containing 10 to the y stars, it would be absurd to believe that other planets similar to Earth do not exist as well as life forms on planets that may not be to similar to Earth." seems plausible until you look at the actual figures. The estimated number of stars in the observable universe is 10x3 to the 22 ( 3 with twenty two zeroes after it). The estimated number of atoms in the universe is 10 to the 78th (1with 78 zeroes after it). The probability of finding within the observable universe a life a life supportable body with features fine tuned enough to support permanent simple life is one chance in 10 to the 556th power. You are multiple trillions of times less likely to find a life supportable planet than there are atoms in the observable universe. Given the current knowledge of cosmology it is absurd to expect to find life elsewhere in the universe. I want to reiterate the point I was making to Marc Perkel. The point is, God created the universe and fine tuned it for our benefit. As opposed to Marc who wrote " The universe is God." I'll repeat my question to Marc. How did the fine tuning in the universe come about, given the improbability that it happened by chance?
John Herren May 29, 2013 at 11:37 am
How generous of you. It's interesting that an Atheist gives so much interest to God and religion.Read More Why do you care? I know. God loves you whether you like it or not. You see God every day in the eyes of every person you meet even if you don't recognize Him. Shalom
Marc Perkel May 29, 2013 at 03:26 pm
Really? I'd believe in God if he came out of hiding. It's that simple.
Rich Buckley June 8, 2013 at 07:50 am
Christopher Hitchens, one on the most notable atheists I've read, had a Christ-like passion forRead More truth. Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, the most learned Gnostic lecturer, defends and explains Hitchens, author of "God is Not Great" in a way that makes sense except for the book title (which was used for shock value against the obvious mystery of the Infinite Intelligence I think of God). If Hitchens was an atheist he and I had a lot in common based on Dr. Hollers' audio : http://tinyurl.com/kz89bo6
Marc Perkel May 16, 2013 at 06:57 am
Really? I read the Bible and it doesn't say the universe was created 13 billion years ago. It saysRead More it was created 6000 years ago (if you add up all the who bagat who). There is 0 scientific evidence of a biblical god.
Ron Briscoe May 16, 2013 at 09:47 am
The Bible does not say or imply that the universe or earth is 6000 years old. I am unclear about howRead More to add up "bagat who", and I'm fairly certain you didn't either. The 6000 year age you claim comes from the Bible is actually from the calculations of James Ussher the Archbishop of Armagh. Usshers calculations were based on mideastern and mediterrianian calenders and are not supported by the Bible.
Ron Briscoe May 16, 2013 at 10:35 am
Your assertion that there is "0 scientific evidence of a biblical god" is not even closeRead More to true. God states in His word, the Bible, that we can know He exists through His work, the universe and all that exists on it. God, who created the universe, gave humans the curiosity and intellect to explore it. The current understanding of the universe shows how finely tuned it is for life. In 2006 astronomer Hugh Ross listed 676 galactic and terrestrial features that must be fined tuned to support permanent simple life. According to Ross, a scientist, the probability of finding within the observable universe a life supportable body with these fine tuned features is 1 in 10 to the 556 power. 10 to the 556 is a one followed by 556 zeros. To put that number in perspective, the estimated number of protons and neutrons in the observable universe is 10 to the 79. It's clear to me that God created and fine tuned the universe the way it is for our benefit. Your zero scientific evidence for God assertion was wrong before you even wrote it.
William Mortley January 9, 2013 at 04:34 pm
Responsible Gun Owner Law My idea is having a law that says if you own a gun you must store it in aRead More Gun Safe. The reasoning behind this idea is that most of the time it isn’t the owner of the gun (school shootings) that is committing the crime. Of course it will also solve the problem of kids accidently shooting their brothers or sisters because they don’t understand what they see on TV isn’t real. Another idea is to have the gun manufactures design guns so you can lock them. I think there might already be a way to do this but I’m not sure. Also when doing a background check include proof that you own a Gun Safe and do a background check on everyone that lives in the house too. If the laws the President is looking at were already in place at the time of the shooting in Connecticut it still would have happened. With my plan there is a much better chance it never would have happened. Bill Mortley, Arizona
Ron Briscoe May 22, 2013 at 08:35 am
"In an ideal world there would be no guns." That is a faulty premise. In an ideal worldRead More there would be no greed, anger, jealousy, hate, bigotry, xenophobia, avarice, envy, and a host of other human failings that may lead to murder. In an ideal world guns would simply be an enjoyable hobby.
John Herren May 29, 2013 at 11:31 am
Commendable ideas. Registration was cone in Germany because "there was crime in theRead More streets". Of course most of it was Hitler's henchmen. The next step was to go and take away the guns. We all know how that worked out. A defenseless populace was required to do the will of the government of else. The current administration has just shown how much we can trust them. Bengazi outright lies to get Obama re-elected, IRS "auditing" potential opposition for over a month just fishing for anything to use against them. How about asking for "the content of prayers". Then stomping on freedom of the press. Yes guns are dangerous but how do they compare with accepted collateral damage from Tobacco, Automobiles, Alcohol and lately Knives?
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt December 4, 2012 at 08:18 pm
Unfortunately, our current agricultural practices alone are unsustainable, and we'll eventually runRead More out of the resources required to keep producing. Couple that with a contraction of resources as we hit peak oil, less arable land, less water, and shorter growing seasons thanks to anthropogenic climate change, and we're looking at a severe population collapse some time this century. I have already determined that I will not bring another human into this already crowded world, and will instead adopt. Apart from eschewing children altogether, the best way to get population under control is to aggressively promote birth control, especially in developing and third world countries, where most population growth is occurring. Too bad we have absurd policies like the Vatican's "be fruitful and multiply" crusades, and and United States' Mexico City Policy (which comes back into force every time a Republican assumes the presidency).
Christian Holm June 7, 2013 at 03:17 pm
I have an idea: for the next ten years, every pregnant woman gets a one way ticket to China...Read More they'll enforce population control there, they do it so well... forced abortions are the rule of the day...
Jim Westcott December 10, 2012 at 03:15 pm
Limestone caves are created by water. Anything leaching out of plastic put in a cave would end up inRead More the ground water. The least offensive way to dispose of plastic bags is recycling. Some of us will happily take our reusable bags to shop with. For those of you that cannot be bothered, we would just rather arm you with a paper bag than a plastic one because we cannot trust you to recycle that bag.
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OldTimeGilroy November 7, 2012 at 03:37 am
It looks like the voters agreed. She will run last. Armendariz was also tossed off the Parks &Read More Rec commission in 2004 for unexcused absences. Yet in the information she furnished this paper, she touted that commission experience. So, agree-not a good choice.
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