Drug Abuse

Dear All,  

A few weeks ago, the news reported that there is a new drug in the US called Krokodil that is a import from Russia and is gaining a foot hold in the our country. 

The earlier story’s spoke about cases in both Arizona and Utah; and this week they are seeing cases in Illinois........it appears that the fears of this drug spreading in our country are proving to be true.

Here is a new video from CNN for your interest........as was reported before, this is a pretty ugly drug.....  

Flesh-Eating Drug Gains popularity


Krokodil - the horrific street drug that rots the flesh of addicts



[LA Times] Horrific flesh-rotting drug krokodil may be in Chicago, doctor says


Some facts are:

1.  Over one million Russians are addicted to Krokodil.

2.  Krokodil is a cheap replacement for heroin. It is 1/3rd the cost of heroin

3. Highly addictive.

4.  The average krokodil user has a life expectancy of just two to three years after they start taking the drug, and in that time they can expect their skin to turn green, scaly and fall-off as a kind of pre-death decomposition sets in.

Those of you who live in areas where heroin is known to be abused might want to forward this to the local health professionals so that they are aware and can be on the look out for it.    

Best regards,   Ron Kirkish
Frank Mockery October 23, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Now here's a drug we can both agree is dangerous,better luck in your new endeavor making people cognizant of a really dangerous drug. Remember though that you've lost all your credibility lying to the public about marijuana & no one believes anything you say now. On the other hand 58% of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana,two states have already legalized & the feds aren't intervening. As I've said all along when it comes to marijuana your repugnant crusade against it was based on lies,propaganda & anecdotal horror stories. Your ill-conceived & hateful efforts have been thoroughly rejected by the majority of Americans & will be repudiated over & over at the ballot box for years to come. Now is the time for you & everyone who agrees with you to crawl back under the rocks from which you all originally crept. I've always said that you were a loser Ron & nothing makes me happier than the anger & disappointment you must feel because you've been exposed as an irrational & idiotic zealot. We're all winners when Ron loses,so keep laughing because Ron's a joke & always has been. As a matter of fact "has been" is an apt description of Ron Kirkish & his cause _ Goodbye Ron !!!
mary November 12, 2013 at 12:14 PM
What in the world are you going on and on about.


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