Obama shuts down US Gov.

Dear All,


It appears that American President Obama has once again drawn another “Red Line” that he is unable and incapable of defending.


Obama and the Democrats in the US Congress and Senate insist that they will continue to “Hold America Hostage” and enforce the US Government shutdown and steadfastly refuse to compromise with the House Republican Leadership unless and until they capitulate on ‘ObamaCare’.


From the beginning, the House Republicans and their leadership have tried to compromise with President Obama and the House Democrat’s to make the necessary improvements to ‘ObamaCare’ to protect businesses and workers across the nation so their lives will not be negatively impacted by its obvious and serious deficiencies; as loudly pointed out by Obama’s own Union supporters and many others including the IRS, and the very fact that even the members of US Congress and Senate have exempted themselves (as has President Obama) from the rules, regulations and laws of ObamaCare; and then what about all of the unitended consequences of ObamaCare we are just becoming aware of.


‘100 Unitended Consequences of ObamaCare’   http://m.nationalreview.com/article/359861/100-unintended-consequences-obamacare-andrew-johnson


 Both the Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress and Senate have heard loud and clear the complaints from citizens and businesses all across America about their concerns to Obama’s healthcare plan and yet only the Republicans have decided to listen to them.  The polls have shown that over 60% of Americans don’t want ObamaCare as it is today. 


The Republicans in listening and trying to respond to the concerns of the American people have offered up several options to President Obama and the House/Senate Democrats without success.  The Republicans even offered a plan to delay enacting ObamaCare for one year (which Obama had already done for his Union supporters and large businesses).  Instead, Obama and the Democrats have decided to put politics above the needs of the American People and have denied any and all options that the Republicans have offered to correct the serious flaws in the ObamaCare Health Plan.


The President and the Democrats like to say that ObamaCare has already been voted on and approved.  But, let’s remember back to that time when US Congresswoman and the then Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi went on national television and yelled, “we have to pass ObamaCare before we read it”.  And, let’s remember that at the same time, the Republicans voted unanimously against ObamaCare & at the next national election the Citizens of America voted for the Republicans to take over the leadership of the US Congress.


Well, now that the President has once again put himself in another untenable position by imposing a “Red Line” on ObamaCare, he can see no other way out of his debacle other than to continue to force the American Government Shutdown causing much angst and damage to those American’s who are personally being impacted by Obama’s stubborn and ill-conceived  tactics. 


Maybe it is time for both Pelosi and Reed to consider calling Russian President Vladimir Putin and his own Secretary of State John Kerry to see if they can get him out of yet another ‘foot in the mouth’ jam.


Ron Kirkish



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