Obama Used Car Care Plan

Obama Used Car Care Plan

By Ron Kirkish


A fact known to only a few in Washington D.C. is there is a used car lot that is run by the “Executive” branch of our government.  The money that is earned by the sales of these used government vehicles is pumped back into the fund that purchases new cars for our congressmen and women and their staff to use for official government business.

These cars are sold after being used for 80,000 miles and during their use, they are maintained using the guidelines as specified per the manufacturer’s specification.

One day the US Speaker of the House John Boehner was walking to his office when he spied a car on the lot with a for-sale sign on its window and it caught his eye.   He was thinking about his 15.5 year old daughter who had recently gotten a drivers permit and wanted a car for her birthday.

Since he was already close by, he decided to take a stroll over to the lot and do a little investigation.

As he got closer to the car, he noticed that President Barak Obama was also approaching the same car.

Thinking the president had spied the car he thought that may he was also interested in it since his daughter was approaching driving age.

As the president approached he held out his hand and said, “Hi John, are you interested in buying this car?”

John responded by yes I am, my daughter will be needing one when she turns 16 in a few months and I thought I would check this one out, “How about you?”.

The president said, “No, I’m not in the market at this time but, I would like to sell this car to you for your daughter.”

John looked at the president a little shocked when the president stated, “not too many people know that part of the responsibility of being president is selling used government cars from the DC lot.”

Boehner thought this was a little odd but thought to himself, “It is what it is”.

President Obama then said, “This beauty has only 80,000 miles on it and it only costs $25,000 to drive it off the lot.”

John, looking at the car thinks to himself that $25,000 seems a little high and he will have to negotiate a better price.  Looking at the car he also noticed that the tires were almost bald; there were dents on the body, and scratches on the paint.

Deciding to wait to discuss these issues, he asked if he could take a test drive and the president agreed and went to the Oval Office to get the keys.

In a few minutes the president came back and gave the keys to John.

As John was driving the car off the lot he noticed a few different noises and knocks.  Continuing down the road he also noticed that there seemed to be more than a normal amount of smoke coming from the back of the car.

After a few minutes, the president said, “Let’s go back to the car lot and do the paper work.”  So John turned around and in a few minutes they were in the lot and the president was taking him to the Oval Office to sign the documents.

The president said, “Go ahead and sit down John and we can chat while my secretary gets the paper work done and you can take the car home to surprise your daughter?”

John sat down and looking at the president said, “I have a few problems that we need to discuss about the car before I can sign any papers.”

The president looking squarely into Johns eyes says, “Before we can discuss any problems, you have to sign the papers first, then we can talk about any problems you might have; this is our policy.”

Well, this made John feel a little awkward and he told the president, “I think we need to talk first and then negotiate whether I will pay the $25,000 or less before I sign the paperwork.”

Well this didn’t sit well with the president causing him to tell John, “I will not negotiate over a used car with a gun being held to my head.  Sign the paper first and then we will decide what to do.”

John was obviously not too keen to do this saying, “Mr. President, we have to negotiate the price first and then I will sign if we can agree.”

Well, this really upset the president causing him to yell at John saying, “If you don’t sign the paperwork first, I will have to close up this car lot and let a whole lot of those who work here go home.”

We will have to wait and see who blinks 1st…………………………



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