Poll Results: Stolen Tickets Should Not Be Allowed at Garlic Festival

Majority of Gilroyans also believe that $17 is a fair price for a festival ticket, but agree that there should be a discount three-day festival ticket.

In the days following the announcement from the Gilroy Police Department that some of the 1,000 stolen Garlic Festival tickets were sold online, we asked readers if they thought the Festival Association should honor those tickets that were purchased.

According to our poll, seven people agreed that the tickets are considered stolen property, and festival staff should not allow those with them in. Also Five people thought that those who purchased the tickets deserve a break, since they probably didn't know they were stolen.

In another poll last week, we asked Gilroyans if locals should receive discounted tickets for the festival.

Of the 10 participants, four agreed that this year's $17 admission was a fair price, while three voters believed that the price was a little too high, and thought $12 was more reasonable for Gilroy families.

In another poll conducted last week, two participants agreed that there should be discounted tickets for those who attend all three days of the festival which takes place beginning today through Sunday July 29 at Christmas Hill Park.

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