Austin Corini Advances in Boy Band to 'X Factor' Top 24

After being eliminated as a solo artist, the Gilroy teen was put through as part of a group called Playback.

"X Factor" cut right to the chase Wednesday night — no cliffhangers, barely any commercials before announcing the top 24 acts of this season.

Last week, the crop of talent had been . In the first 20 minutes of the two-hour broadcast on Wednesday, the 60 were split into four groups: teens, groups, young adults and adults over 25. 

Initially, it seemed the Christopher High School student's run on the Fox singing competition was over, when Corini wasn't selected in the top six of the teens category. But within minutes it was revealed that Corini had been teamed with four other eliminated teens to form a boy band called Playback.

Now competing as part of one of six groups in the top 24, Corini traveled to Miami to perform for Simon Cowell (this year's mentor of the groups) and Mark Anthony, Cowell's guest judge.

and the rest of playback performed a pop-heavy, 60s throwback version of the Hall & Oates song "Rich Girl." Watch the performance in the video above.

"I can't see [Playback] going places," said a member of Emblem3, another group in the top 24. "Either it will blow up massively or go terribly."

Judging from the reactions of Cowell and Anthony, either of those predictions could be correct.

"There's something kind of naive and fun and likeable about it," Cowell said.

But Latin superstar Anthony was bored throughout the performance.

"I found myself looking for planes or something," he said. 

Corini and Playback's fate will be announced on the Thursday broadcast of "X Factor," when this season's top 12 is revealed. In the meantime, Corini remains optimistic.

"The fact that they put us through and said 'These guys have potential,' they must really believe in us. There's no letting them down."

Tune into Fox Thursday at 8 p.m. to see if the Gilroy sensation will be gracing our televisions even longer this fall season. And stay tuned to Patch for full coverage of the ride. 

What did you think of Corini and Playback? Tell us in the comments!


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