Gilroy's Austin Corini Wows Britney Spears on 'X Factor'

Austin Corini was featured on Wednesday's episode of 'The X Factor' on Fox.

We knew it was coming. We found out earlier this month that Gilroy but we didn't know when we would finally see his performance on TV.

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On Wednesday night, it finally happened. Corini, adorned with a bleach-blond fauxhawk and a blue v-neck shirt, walked on stage and proudly announced he was from Gilroy, California and that he'd be singing "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes. 


Of all four "X Factor" judges, by far the most exuberant about Corini's performance was pop legend Britne Spears.

"I definitely think you have an amazing voice," she gushed. "I love you hair and I think you're adorable. I think you have the whole package. I loved it."

Record executives L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell were less exuberant about Corini, but lauded his potential.

"My first reaction was that I think I've seen a kid like this 25 times," Reid said. 

"Austin, I think what you're used to is performing and getting a good reaction because you're a cute, good-looking boy — nice songs," Cowell said. "You're always going to get that kind of reaction. I kind of want a bit more. I think that was 80 percent. To do well in this competition is 110 percent, which is taking a song and really doing something original with it. More vocal lessons — you're going to need a lot more. You've got to be remembered not for your hair, but for your voice."

But despite the criticism, the Garlic City teen, a junior at Christopher High School, got a "Yes" from all four judges, sending him to the next round of the competition.

Stay tuned to Fox and Patch to see how Corini does going forward. 

What did you think of Austin's performance? Do you think he has a shot at the prize? Tell us in the comments!

Pete Arballo September 27, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Bieber alert.
Pete Arballo September 27, 2012 at 06:43 AM
Let me say this, he has a great voice. And He was good, but then there are 100's of others who are also good. He needs to stand out, he does look like guys who have been on the show before. He needs to find a look and a brand all his own, which can be tough. Good luck Austin, tighten that game up and show em what Gilroy can do!
Cat Tucker September 27, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Awesome job Austin! I think you have a wonderful voice and very sweet smile. Thanks for representing Gilroy in such a positive way! I always watch the XFactor and when you said you were from Gilroy, CA, I was screaming Yay!! My son was with me and his name is also Austin, we were both proud of you! Cat Tucker Gilroy City Council Member
Joseph October 05, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Great! Hope you the best! And put Gilroy's name high!!


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