Poll: What's Your Favorite Part of the Oscars?

The Academy Awards are given out Sunday night, and Meryl Streep is in the running — again.

Who will look fabulous and who will garner a "what was she thinking?" response as the stars make their way down the red carpet at the Academy Awards Sunday night?

Who will accidentally swear or climb over chairs to kiss Halle Berry (Adrien Brody in 2003) or drop to the floor and do pushups (Jack Palance in 1992) while giving an acceptance speech?

Will Billy Crystal live up to his reputation as the best Oscar host ever?

Do you watch the Oscars? What's your favorite part? Take our poll and add your favorites in the comments.

Vince D. Monroy February 27, 2012 at 01:53 AM
The comedy! -Vince @vincedmonroy


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