VIDEO: Battle of the Bands, Round 2

The bands "Rev Love Jones & The Sinners", "Blackwood Royalty," "King Size" and "Stone Leaf" competed in the second round of Battle of the Bands on Thursday.

Around 50 people showed up to watch four bands play their hearts out during the second round of at on Thursday.

The bands Rev Love Jones & The Sinners, Blackwood Royalty and two local bands known as and competed.

However, only one band could advance to the semi-finals in March, and that was Rev Love Jones & The Sinners.

According to 9Lives co-owner Jorge Briones, each band brought something different to the stage, but Rev. Love Jones prevailed because of their solid performance.

“Rev. Love Jones was very tight musically and they had an upbeat vibe,” Briones said. “They were confident on stage and did a great job of letting everyone know who they were and where you could find them. They were professional all the way around, easy for our staff to work with, which the judges also factor in.”

Check out what Briones had to say about the other three bands, below.

“Blackwood Royalty is a good group of musicians with a strong commercial sound. They started strong, but kind of stayed at the same level through their set.”

“Stone Leaf had a good turnout of fans and they always have great energy on stage. They did perform longer than their 25-minute set, which I know the judges catch and can effect a final score.”

“King Size was performing for just the second time live, and they performed a few cover songs which is always going to impact a band when it comes to the originality, song writing and the musicianship section of the scoring.”

The Four bands that will be competing in the third round of Battle of the Bands on Thursday, Feb. 9, include Pounder, Silly Creature, Squid Roe, and the Spliffs out of Morgan Hill. 

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