Soquel Can Sleep Easier With New Business In Town

Former Santa Cruz resident Tara Nader is bringing her Bay Sleep Clinic to Soquel. The grand opening ceremony is today at 5 p.m.

Just lay back and relax, the Sandman is on the way.

The Sandman in this case is Tara Nader, who is bringing the Bay Sleep Clinic to Soquel. The Sleep Clinic, with 16 sites in California already, is hosting a celebration tonight at 5 p.m. for the grand opening of its newest clinic at 3121 Park Ave. in Soquel.

"There will be raffle prizes and appetizers. And we'll be there to support a new local business in Soquel. We'll help them learn more about helping us get a good night's sleep," said Carrie Arnone of the Capitola-Soquel Chamber of Commerce.

The ribbon cutting will be followed by an open house with a chance to meet the staff, tour the clinic and learn more about the people behind the Sleep Clinic.

"It really feels fantastic. … I used to live in Santa Cruz, so it's like coming back home for me," Nader said. "I'm so happy to give back to the community where I started and where my kids were raised. I'm grateful for this community."

Bay Sleep Clinic physicians and technicians might perform a number of tests and consultations to diagnose and cure sleep problems. This can include measuring brain waves, heart waves, eye movement, breathing and more. The services are fully covered by most health insurance companies, according to Nader.

Dr. June Seliber-Klein is part of a staff that has attracted sleep specialists from Stanford, Duke and UC Davis. Dr. Klein, who received her medical degree with honors from Rush Medical College in Chicago, has been practicing in the Gilroy, Monterey and Santa Cruz areas for the past 20 years.

"We provide the best quality service in a boutique environment. Our patients get one-on-one care," Nader said. "Our referring physicians don't have to worry about what to do with sleep results. We can help them and the patients with anything. We'll take good care of them."

Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders are being treated as serious health issues in today's medical society.

"We can add 10 quality years to our lives by treating sleep apnea," Nader said. "By treating sleep apnea, patients see a drop in blood pressure, a drop in blood sugar.

She continued, "Sleep apnea is a threat to life once we sleep, really. It's important to sleep well and heal. Children grow in their sleep and, if they're snoring, they don't grow as they should. Parents should be aware that children shouldn't snore."


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