Unemployment Down to 11.6% in Gilroy

Jobless figures across the state continue downward trend.

The unemployment rate in California dropped below 10 percent in November, according to a state employment report released Friday.

The state unemployment rate dropped to 9.8 percent in November from 10.1 percent last month. That's a year-to-year decrease of 1.5 percent from 11.3 percent in November 2011. Santa Clara County also had lower rates. Its unemployment figures fell month-to-month by 0.2 percent to 7.7 from 7.9 percent in October.

Gilroy's unemployment rate dropped 0.3 percent to 11.6 percent in November compared to September's 11.9 percent. This means that out of the 22,100 eligible workers in the city, about 2,600 continue to look for work. 

The U.S. unemployment rate decreased in November to 7.7 percent.

Around the Bay Area, other counties also experienced a similar or slightly lowered unemployment figures from October, the state's economic development department reports.

The highest unemployment rate came from Solano County at 9.3 percent, the same as the previous month. Marin County maintained the lowest unemployment at 5.8 percent rate.

In San Francisco, unemployment dropped slightly to 6.7 percent from 6.8 percent in October, according to the report.

The state's November jobless numbers dropped sharply from 11.3 percent a year ago. The national unemployment rate dropped to 7.7 percent in November compared to 7.9 percent the previous month, according to the report.

The state derives its unemployment rate from a federal survey of 5,500 households throughout California. 

November 2012 Preliminary Santa Clara County Unemployment figures

Area Name Labor Force Employment Unemployed Rate Santa Clara County
924,500 853,500 71,000 7.7%

Campbell city 23,700 22,200 1,600 6.6% Cupertino city 25,700 24,400 1,300 4.9% East Foothills CDP 4,500 4,100 400 9.6% Gilroy city 22,100 19,500 2,600 11.6% Los Altos city 13,500 12,900 500 3.9% Los Gatos town 16,200 15,400 800 5.0% Milpitas city 33,500 30,800 2,700 7.9% Morgan Hill city 18,400 16,600 1,800 10.0% Mountain View city 44,400 41,900 2,500 5.7% Palo Alto city 33,300 31,900 1,400 4.1% San Jose city 484,500 443,000 41,500 8.6% San Martin CDP 2,400 1,900 400 18.3% Santa Clara city 59,600 55,400 4,200 7.0% Saratoga city 14,100 13,600 500 3.8% Sunnyvale city 79,300 74,100 5,200 6.6%

Are you still out looking for work? Have you stopped trying? What concerns you about the job hunting process? What type of resources have you used or feel you need? Tell us in comments!

Additional reporting contributed by Bay City News, Inc.


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