How to Make Long-Lasting Halloween Memories

The top 10 Halloween photos that will make your Halloween memories complete.

Halloween is typically the biggest holiday of the year for taking, developing and uploading photos - even more so than Christmas!

Heather Maddan, chief storyteller for the Internet-based photo and personal publishing site Shutterfly, compiled a special list of must-take Halloween photos to tell the perfect - or spookiest - Halloween tale from start to finish this year.

So, when reaching for that camera this Halloween, keep this list of photo-taking tips in mind, and create some Halloween memories that will last forever.

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The Top 10 Photos to Take this Halloween

1. The Costume - Take a photo of the outfit that makes the cut while out shopping, or the inspiration for the Halloween attire.

2. The Pumpkin - Get a picture at the pumpkin patch or carving the jack o’ lantern.

3. The Transformation - Costume and makeup help a person get into character. Take a before picture, and an after.

4. Set the Scene - From cotton spider webs to blow-up ghosts, wire cats to smoking caldrons, capture a shot of the night’s décor.

5. The Night Sky - Set the mood with an image of the full moon, ominous clouds or shining stars.

6. Trick-or-Treating - Whether you are on passing-out-treats duty, or going door-to-door, get a photo of costumed sweet-seekers with their bags of loot.

7. Parties/Festivities - Take a group shot with fellow parade participants or party-goers doing the monster mash.

8. The Action - Bobbing for apples, navigating a corn maze or hitching a hayride make for great action shots.

9. Sugar High - Take a shot of the kids eating their treats or combing through their candy.

10. Ending the Night of Fright - Passed out from a sugar overload or partying on — be sure and get a photo of how the evening ends.

Happy Halloween from all your friends at Patch!


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