Saratoga Celebrates Heritage Day

Saturday afternoon event brings 40 costumed historical characters to life for the public's enjoyment at Blaney Plaza.

Saratoga's rich history, dating back more than 150 years when it was founded by William Campbell and Martin McCarty, was celebrated Saturday afternoon during Heritage Day at Blaney Plaza.

The event, which has been held for several years, included costumed Saratoga historical characters, music, historical walking tours, a lecture by Silicon Valley Patch history blogger and special exhibits.

More than 40 historical figures were introduced to the community by Saratoga Vice Mayor Jill Hunter. They then spent the afternoon strolling Big Basin Way and the Saratoga History Museum.

Musicians kept the celebration lively.

"What a wonderful day ... [We had] perfect weather," wrote Brian Berg, with the Saratoga Village Development Council, which sponsored the event.

Berg thanked the following participants for their service:

  • Pianist Ken Johnson
  • Harpist Ruthanne Adams
  • Pat Fox for providing name tags
  • Annette Stransky for having another history event simultaneously at the Saratoga History Museum
  • Photographer Tom Soukup and wife Katie Alexander
  • KSAR 15 for interviewing historical figures for "Saratoga Highlights."

The historical figures were:

  • Martin McCarty-Jack Dunstan
  • William Campbell- Chuck Erikson
  • Hannah McCarty-Jenni Taylor
  • Daniel McCarty-Jerry Campisi
  • Mary Brown- Merna Thompson
  • Sam Cloud- Max Artusy
  • Dr. Robert Hogg-Don Shortt
  • Charles Maclay-Chuck Schoppe
  • James  McWilliams-Ron Haglin
  • Martha McWilliams-Peggy Schopp
  • Miss Carrie Wooster-Tina Liddie
  • Bill York-DickMiners
  • Hazel Bargas-Annette Stransky
  • Charles Blaney- Dick Angus
  • Isabella Blaney-Phyllis Dunstan
  • Mrs. Clara Buckley-Jennie Robinson
  • Miss Florence Cunningham-Jill Hunter
  • Olivia de Havilland-Laurel Perusa
  • Joan Fontaine- Patricia Himel
  • Miss Jenny Farwell-Nancy Kirk
  • Sgt. Lou Sing Kee- Charles Li
  • Paul Masson-Paul Hernandez
  • Miss Lyra Mills-Diana Espinoza
  • Miss Julia Morgan-Marilyn White
  • Painless Parker-David Mantelli
  • Senator James D. Phelan-Saratoga City Manager Dave Anderson
  • Isabel Stine-Diantha Stunsrud
  • Sunshine Williams-Jack Mallory
  • Frances Williams-Sue Mallory
  • Theodore Wores-John Kimball
  • Burton Brazil-Howard Miller
  • Melita Hogg Oden-Jackie Welch
  • Betty Peck-herself
  • Willys Peck-himself
  • Mrs. Hatakeyama-Emily Lo
  • Chuck Page-Current Saratoga Mayor
Sheila Sanchez October 01, 2012 at 09:49 PM
Hi Michelle, thank you for helping us capture this fun and educational event. Your photos turned out great! Thank you so much for all your help with launching Saratoga Patch! We really appreciate all your contributions! Keep them coming!
Chuck Page October 01, 2012 at 09:55 PM
This is a really neat event, but it was not attended very well this year. With as many volunteers as there are, and the efforts we go to to dress up (this year I didn't have to dress up, since I only had to be myself - the current mayor), this event needs more publicity or tie-in with the schools. Unfortunately, with the Fall soccer and other sports just underway, parents & kids have lots of commitments. One suggestion: combine this with the Chamber of Commerce's Celebrate Saratoga event. The Chamber made this year's event much more family-friendly, and targeted Saratoga families. Wouldn't have been great if, in addition to the great food & music, everyone could have learned more about Saratoga's history?
Sheila Sanchez October 01, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Hi Mayor Chuck Page, great idea! Sorry to hear about the low attendance and totally agree that if so much work and effort is spent organizing such a neat event, more people should come and support it, plus it's so educational, too! Sorry I couldn't be there. Was celebrating my son's birthday in San Jose. He turned 11 this year. Grateful for City Manager Dave Anderson and Michelle for their awesome photos. Thank you so much for your support. P.S. You look great in your black and white photo. Love the hat!
Michelle McIntyre October 02, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Combining it with Celebrate Saratoga would work. I noticed that the people who did attend the heritage event thoroughly enjoyed it. My son, who also happens to be 11, and my husband ended up coming during the last hour and they were able to partially complete the Q&A activity sheet. I think that gives kids a nice history lesson as well as some just plain interesting facts, for example, it taught him about World War I. Maybe the local middle school history teachers can notify their students about the event and they can get a few extra credit points for attending because the kids do learn in addition to having fun. I want to thank Jill Hunter for being so nice to my son and husband. They said she spoke with them awhile and was very welcoming!
Debra Cummins October 02, 2012 at 04:22 PM
The Chamber would love to do a joint event with SVDC and the Historical Museum. We could work together at the Celebrate Saratoga event or at the Spring Wine Stroll. Heritage Days is such a wonderful event showcasing Saratoga's rich history.


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