Weird Waffle Mashups You've Got to Try

Leslie Knope would love these waffles, and you will, too.

Waffle pizza. Photo/FoodChannel.com
Waffle pizza. Photo/FoodChannel.com
Maybe the you-know-what-nut put food mashups on the map, but we think the turducken deserves all the credit. After all, variations of the turducken can be traced back as far as 1807 and some say even to Roman times. Turns out mashups were always a good thing.

The donut has had its day, so let's focus our attention on another breakfast staple. And now to fetishize the waffle through a series of mouthwatering mashups ...

TELL US: Who serves the best waffle in town?

Check out the slideshow for photos of these delicious waffle mashups, and read below for details: 

Waffle pizza: Add Italian seasonings to waffle batter and this seemingly odd mashup actually suddenly makes sense to your tongue. 

Waffle BLAT (hold the lettuce): Why hold out until breakfast to enjoy your waffles? Add some bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato for a whole new lunchtime experience. 

Waffle grilled cheese: Adding stringy cheddar cheese to your morning waffle may be the perfect solution to that post-carb-filled breakfast crash. 

Blackberry cobbler waffle: Can't decide between brunch and dessert? Combine them in this mouthwatering blackberry waffle cobbler flavor bomb. 

Breakfast or ... breakfast? You love how oatmeal sticks to your bones on cold days, but the lure of the waffle is too hard to resist. Why not add a dollop of oatmeal to your waffle and top it off with fresh fruit and syrup? 

Birthday waffles: Don't have time to bake a cake? Grab a couple of waffles, add frosting and sprinkles and you have a little slice of heaven. 

Spicy chicken waffles: Chicken and waffles is a traditional Southern meal, but add some spice and cole slaw for the real foodie treatment. 

Croque Madame: There's no such thing as too much of a good thing. The Croque Madame Waffle offers everything you want for breakfast in one amazing bite -- eggs, ham, cheese and waffle. 

Waffle taco: The freshest taco ingredients atop a waffle—beautiful and tasty. 

The Turducken: It needs no introduction but with all the hype around donut hybrids, the turducken deserves a shout out for being first to the mashups scene. Some food historians trace variations on the turducken as far back as Roman times. 

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