Sierra LaMar: Anatomy of Search Day 52

Why do psychopaths always think that they are the smartest guys in the room? They leave a trail of bread crumbs, yet, when they take the inevitable perp walk, the smirk on their face defies reason.

Why do psychopaths always think that they are the smartest guys in the room? They are cowardly little men who prey on the weak: vulnerable children, women, the elderly. They derive pleasure at the expense of others, for nothing more than instant self-gratification. They leave a trail that rivals the Great Wall of China. Yet, when they take the inevitable perp walk, the arrogant smirk on their face defies explanation.

 The Sierra LaMar Taskforce has spoken to Antolin Garcia-Torres about Sierra’s disappearance several times, although not in a custodial setting. He has been under 24/7 surveillance for almost two months as he knew full well. They took possession of his red Jetta on April 7, but he seemed oblivious to the fact that he has been in the task force gun sights since shortly after Sierra disappeared.

Sheriff Smith has linked his DNA to Sierra’s possessions yet he told his mother that he had never had contact with her. In fact, he told his mom that he drove near Sierra’s home, but spent the day fishing at Morgan Hill’s Uvas Reservoir. In probably the biggest tell of all Garcia-Torres’ mother said that she believes her son, but she is not his shadow. If your own mother doesn’t buy in to your web of deception, how clever can you really be?

 Chester the Molester lurks in bushes and waits for opportune moments to attack unsuspecting, vulnerably children. Not really the most courageous approach to life that I can think of. He isolates them, rapes them, and murders them. Then, as he tries to conceal his “perfect” crime, he looks into his rearview mirror, smiles knowingly and contemplates his rugged good looks.

 I believe that most people consider the needs and feelings of others. We try to comfort our loved ones when they are sad, and we tell white lies to spare the feelings of our friends. The response to Sierra’s disappearance is a perfect example of unselfish benevolence. Thousands of people gave of their time, money, services, talents, prayers and goodwill to help the family of a young girl that most had never met. All any of them ever asked in return was for a little girl to walk through the door and say thank you.

 In the mind of the psychopath, the sacrifice of a little girl’s life for one moment of instant self-indulgence is status quo. It is an act devoid of conscience and steeped in evil. These are the acts of individuals who, once they are identified, should be removed from society, because we can easily survive without them, while they will only exist in misery without us. I don’t really care if they are isolated or stacked like cordwood. My only stipulation would be that the only place that they can admire their reflection and practice the knowing smirk is among the turds floating in the murky water in their filthy toilets.

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Linda Victor August 14, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Thank you Mr. Klaas for keeping the Anatomy of the Search for Sierra Lamar. I live Ft. Lauderdale and happen onto the video tribute "Cheering for the Safe Return of Sierra Lamar" and it just struck me to the cord. We hold on-going rad (Rape Aggression Defense) classes for women. The program is specifically designed to consider defense as a viable option in situations where their life is in jeopardy. Confidence is the Unconquerable Enemy of Fear.
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