Vote No on Proposition 34: The Evil that Lurks Among Us

The psychopath lacks conscience, empathy and the ability to love or relate to people on a human level. They can kill in the morning and get on with their day.

At the time of his final act of savagery he was 38 years old, bulky of frame and his arms and torso were covered in tattoos. His name is Richard Allen Davis and he possesses qualities that are both unique and rare to mankind. He lacks conscience and receives great joy from inflicting pain and suffering upon others.

Such great joy in fact, that his final bloodlust was only satisfied after he had kidnapped, raped, and murdered twelve year old Polly Klaas. He disposed of her remains by dumping her on a garbage pile off a freeway-off ramp, hiding her slight lifeless body under a piece of plywood, hoping that his crime would not be discovered. But it was.

Davis was not regurgitated from Hell into Petaluma so that he could kidnap Polly in the late evening of Friday October 1, 1993. He had been weaving his web of perversion around Polly’s home for quite some time. Witness after witness testified that they had seen him in the weeks prior to the crime.

One boy observed the killer vomiting in Wickersham Park on an early September. He asked the sick man if he needed help. “Get the hell out of here you stupid kid,” was his only response. An artist deliberately avoided the gaze of the man with the scary, darting eyes and the prison tattoos. A teacher, moonlighting as a house painter, unsuccessfully attempted to engage the man with the frightening demeanor in conversation on several occasions as the killer wandered aimlessly around Polly’s neighborhood in early August.

The unbelievable, but all too common criminal history of Polly’s killer spans more than two decades and includes incidents of kidnapping, robbery, assaults with shotguns, handguns, knives and fireplace pokers.

Always, the victims were women, who were alone and vulnerable. Often times they would escape, notify authorities and Davis would return to prison. Finally, he could take it no more.

He had to find a victim that could not, would not, fight back. A small victim that he could control over — perhaps a little girl, under the veil of darkness, where he could hide in the shadows and deny his crimes.

Polly is not dead simply because Davis wanted to eliminate witnesses to his crime. If it were that simple, he could have hidden his face behind a mask. Instead, he leveled incalculable violence upon a little girl who was afraid of the dark and feared the boogeyman.

It was only in the throes of this massive perversion that he was able to achieve the sexual release that was the goal of his attack. Had he not been captured he would have repeated this scenario again, and again, and again.

How do I know these things to be true? Fifteen years ago I spent six months sitting in a courtroom as prosecutors built the case against my daughter’s killer. I listened to psychiatrist after psychologist detail the mind of a sexually sadistic psychopath.

Their arguments were so convincing that he was sentenced to death. He still sits on death row and as he told psychiatrist Lewelen Jones, he “masturbates twice daily and thinks of tying up female victims of past crimes.”

I can think of no better justification for the death penalty.

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Nancy Bauman July 25, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Which is why - when there is NO doubt - these SICK SOBs should be put to death IMMEDIATELY. Bring back public hangings in the town square. Public Hangings were the norm until States took over the penal system.
Diamond July 25, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Richard Allen Davis is one of the best reasons for California to keep the death penalty and get the executions going! These pieces of trash cannot be rehabilitated, they need to be killed.. And in my opinion lethal injection is way too humane..
Quinn July 25, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Damn straight, these sick f's would think twice if they knew they would hang for their crimes. Today there is no deterrent. I'm in support of the death 100 percent!!!!!!
Quinn July 25, 2012 at 06:26 PM
* DEATH* penalty
Nadja Adolf July 25, 2012 at 06:33 PM
I have long thought that those who oppose the imprisonment and subsequent execution of these sorts of criminals should be required to house one in their own home.
Margo Schulter July 26, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Richard Allen Davis is one of the best reasons for passing Proposition 34, the SAFE California Act, this November, which will keep him safely and securely imprisoned for the rest of his life and ensure that he dies in prison -- without ourselves emulating his inhuman acts under color of law. Certainly when such an unspeakable crime is committed against an innocent victim such as Polly Klaas, Californians demand swift, certain, and severe justice. A sentence of life without parole plus labor and restitution, LWOP+R, does this while permitting society to say "case closed." We can rightly put our focus on honoring Polly Klaas and her family, and also on stopping others such as Richard Allen Davis before they commit such horrible murders, or maybe even on preventing them from becoming sociopaths in the first place. As families of murder victims on various sides of the death penalty issue often rightly emphasize, there is no such thing as "closure" in this world. But legally being able to say "case closed" can be one step toward healing. LWOP+R generally does this quickly, with appeals soon exhausted. Further, an LWOP+R sentence can be served even while it is being appealed. While over 3700 prisoners have been sentenced to life without parole in California, only a handful have been released since 1977 -- in the rare case where they are later shown to be innocent of the murder for which they were convicted. A vote for Proposition 34 is a vote for justice and for life.
Marc Klaas July 26, 2012 at 10:55 PM
Ms. Schulter you seem to believe that mass murderers, serial killers, cop killers, and baby killers will somehow seamlessly integrate into general prison populations where they will be able to work and earn the money to pay the restitution that you talk about. In reality, these characters would endanger the lives of other prisoners if placed amongst them. They are killing machines, that is what they do. Even if they do not attack other prisoners what is to keep them from engineering crime from behind the prison walls as Clarence Ray Allen did? Sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in 1985, Allen planned the execution of three witnesses against him and was ultimately executed for that crime in 2006. Allen hasn't harmed anybody since his execution.
Albert Rubio July 27, 2012 at 02:39 AM
So, do you believe all murder convictions should carry the death sentence? If not, which should and should not?
Geoff Burton July 27, 2012 at 07:13 AM
I'm all for life in prison with no possibility of parole for these murderers, as long as the sentence is carried out in a 6 FOOT BOX BURIED UNDER 6 FEET OF DIRT.
Margo Schulter July 29, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Please let me clarify the facts about Clarence Ray Allen and the Fran's Market massacre in Fresno which he and Billy Ray Hamilton perpetrated in 1980, while Allen was under a sentence of life with possibility of parole for the earlier murder of Mary Sue Kitts. There is a lesson here, but it really has little to do with the death penalty, and more with the need for SHU or SuperMax units for prisoners like Allen who present a special risk of ordering hits on the outside. Clarence Ray Allen was self-styled head of his own "crime family," and had ordered the murder of Mary Sue Kitts, only 17 years old, after she had disclosed to a member of the Schletewitz family that their store, Fran's Market, had been burglarized by Allen's group. In 1977, he was tried for this murder as well as other serious felonies, and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. The fatal mistake was that prison officials didn't realize that Allen's background and killing of Mary Sue Kitts indicated that he might well order more killings of witnesses on the outside. The death penalty isn't needed to stop this threat (and Allen wasn't deterred!), but SHU or SuperMax confinement denying him the opportunity to carry out such crimes is. Byron Schletewitz, Douglas Scott White, and Josephine Rocha gave their lives to teach us this lesson. And Allen was confined for over two decades on Death Row without killing again -- as he could have been, in the first place, in an SHU or SuperMax unit.
Marc Klaas July 29, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Albert, there is nothing in anything that I have posted that suggests that all killers should be executed. The state has a formula for deciding who does and doesn't qualify for the death penalty. First of all, the murder has to be pre-meditated and has to occur during the course of at least one qualifying penalty. Approximately 2% of individuals who stand trial for murder qualify for the death penalty.
Chris Bernstien August 01, 2012 at 02:42 AM
The arguments in support of the ballot measure to abolish the death penalty are exaggerated at best and, in most cases, misleading and erroneous. Proposition 34 is being funded primarily by a wealthy, left-wing company out of Chicago, the ACLU, and similarly-oriented trust funds. It includes provisions that would only make our prisons less safe for both other prisoners and prison officials and significantly increase the costs to taxpayers due to life-time medical costs, the increased security required to coerce former death-row inmates to work, etc. The amount “saved” in order to help fund law enforcement is negligible and only for a short period of time. Bottom line, the “SAFE” Act is an attempt by those who are responsible for the high costs and lack of executions to now persuade voters to abandon it on those grounds. Obviously, these arguments would disappear if the death penalty was carried forth in accordance with the law. Get the facts at and supporting evidence at http://cadeathpenalty.webs.com and http://waiting4justice.org/.
Albert Rubio August 01, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Ok,I understand you hold to the state formula producing about 2% death penalty candidates. 2% is in line with 810 out of 52,000 in your previous example. But you claimed that executing them after their first murder conviction would have saved the lives of their later victims. >Approximately 810 of the 52,000 inmates serving time in state prisons for murder in 1984 had been convicted of murdering 821 persons following their previous murder conviction. Executing each of these inmates would have saved 821 lives. I imagine all these 810 had death sentences in 1984 AFTER multiple convictions. But how could they have been executed on the first conviction unless all of them qualified for the death penalty on their FIRST conviction? How is this possible? Can you explain, perhaps there was something missing in the argument that sets it all straight?
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:11 AM
It saddens me to know there are so many people out there, who are against the death penalty, because they are not in the position to see that sometimes, it is the ONLY PROTECTION FOR THE VICTIMS - from the monster who is intent on destroying their lives! Funny, how they also say they are against torture, and yet - VICTIMS have been tortured (mentally, physically and emotionally) and for victims such as ME? I will remain TORTURED until DEATH! I am Catherine Burke, VICTIM of VIOLENT CRIME. I am also the mother, of a MURDERED CHILD!
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:11 AM
I would have never thought, I would find myself to be the mother of a murdered child, the victim of a heinous, violent crime. We were good, moral parents, who raised our children in a very loving home. Our murderer, coveted the love we had… Our murderer, was a friend of our son's - a friend to our family, for over 10 years... Ten years of birthday parties, Christmas vacations, summer sleepovers and pool parties. Ten years of classes with our son, fieldtrips, lunches and recess... Ten years, of paintball games and 4th of July fireworks, of hanging out and playing Rock Band in our living room... Our murderer was raised by his mother in a privileged home, attended the same good schools as our children, and he received good grades. I could have never thought he would plan for almost 1 year, to come into our home 4 days before Christmas (after hiding in a foreclosed home waiting for all our children to come home), to murder us all! He slashed and stabbed my daughter to death, when she went downstairs for a bottle of water at 4am... Our entire house awoke to her screams! My husband and another child were stabbed… I fought with him to take the murder weapon… My 13 year old daughter stood on the steps, hearing and watching all of this! I will NEVER FORGET LOOKING INTO HIS SMILING FACE, THE HORROR OF REALIZING WHO HE WAS!!!
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:11 AM
I will forever, be tortured by the sound of her screams, by her murder! Our life – WHO WE WERE? It was all taken from us on that morning! This man had been a friend of our son, a friend to our family, for over 10 years! And his reason, to kill? Was simply because we were such good, kind and loving people! He coveted what he saw in us, and decided that if he could not have this from his own family, no one should! He came to kill us all, and even though he only murdered Saskia, he did - murder ALL of us! We are all tortured souls now, a torture that truly is too "INHUMANE" to be forced to live with. I hope people can open their eyes, to see what it is to be a VICTIM, and extend to VICTIMS the same understanding, compassion, and HUMANITY offered to MURDERERS!
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:14 AM
Please let me introduce you to Saskia Savana Burke! 11-6-93 to 12-20-11 The VICTIM OF A VIOLENT CRIME! " I value my happiness. I value how happy and content I am with my life. I value the memories that have made my life as happy as it is. I value my friends and family who make me happy and share my happiness with me, but what I value most is the fact that I am happy because there are so many people who are not that lucky. I value my happiness the most because of the fact that I AM HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE AND WHO I AM - IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT THAT I COULD EVER BE GIVEN!” Saskia was academically brilliant, scoring the perfect 600 on the state testing twice, yet humbled by how easy this was for her, and how difficult school was for others! Saskia went out into the world, with love and a special insight for all things and changed the world in the most positive ways! Saskia was open and caring and giving to everyone, always! She was truly the most angelic creature any of us will ever encounter here in this life. How many people can you say are truly genuine? Saskia was. And she infected each one of us with her passion for life, her kind and loving nature, her ‘real’ and ‘true’ happiness, the simple sound of her oh-so-contagious laughter! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anh4Wyb1pNw&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgC1KkWlpjA&feature=youtu.be http://murrieta.patch.com/search/blog_posts?_utf8=☃&keywords=Catherine+Burke
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:19 AM
We made it through the prelim Friday, September 14, 2012... As they put up all the bloody pictures, of the crime scene that is my home... As they put up the pictures of my daughters bloody, mutilated body and explained which stab wounds were the fatal ones... "Murrieta police Detective Jeffrey Ullrich, who attended the autopsy of Saskia Burke, said the woman suffered seven stab wounds. Two of the wounds, one to the right side of her face that severed her jugular vein and another to the center of her chest, were not survivable, Ullrich said" The force of the knife going into her right cheek severed her artery, her tongue, cut through the muscle and tendons in her jaw, broke out her teeth, and went out through her left cheek... After PULLING THE KNIFE OUT, he then stabbed her in the chest - severing both her lungs and the ventricle to her heart... She lived long enough for us to helplessly watch her die! The DA said: "He went into the home to kill those people," Smith said. "Paul Burke and Connor McCormack are not dead because they had the strength to fight back." Saskia Burke did not have a chance, Smith said. "(Simpson) slaughters her," Smith said. "He stabbed her in the face, in the heart, in the back." His intent, to slaughter my entire family - and the heinous way in which he slaughtered my daughter, well - during a break in court, even his defense lawyers approached us and apologized for what happened... Apologized for it being their job to defend him...
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:19 AM
I live in a horror, too absolute to breathe...
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:20 AM
“The Riverside County district attorney decided in April to seek the death penalty for Simpson, who also is charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with the stabbings of Burke's father, Paul, and her boyfriend, Connor McCormack, then 17. Simpson also faces several special allegations including lying in wait and committing his crimes during a burglary. The charges against William Gary Simpson Jr., 19, the alleged killer of Saskia Burke, were upheld by Riverside County Superior Court Judge Kelly Hansen following a day-long preliminary hearing. Simpson is charged with first-degree murder and a special circumstance allegation of killing in the course of a burglary in the Dec. 20, 2011 fatal attack at the Burke home, in Murrieta. He is also charged with a special circumstance allegation of lying in wait, as well as two counts of attempted murder and multiple great bodily injury and weapons allegations.” http://www.nctimes.com/news/local/murrieta/murrieta-man-ordered-to-stand-trial-in-murder/article_9b39df5f-d130-5345-9824-aa8fbee7b0e6.html http://murrieta.patch.com/articles/man-to-stand-trial-in-murrieta-triple-stabbing?ncid=newsltuspatc00000001
Cat Burke September 21, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Mr. Klaas, I stand with you in support of the Death Penalty. I stand beside you, as the Parent of a MURDERED CHILD. I am sorry, that it is our eyes that have been opened to the fact that monsters do exist! And from this mothers heart, I am so truly sorry our children have been taken in such heinous ways! Thank you, for finding the strength to lend your voice, take a stand - and say NO to proposition 34!
candi mcknight October 05, 2012 at 12:51 AM
I am crying for you Mrs. Burke, your family and your baby girl, Saskia. When she passed, It must have felt like rain when ten thousand Angels cried. I am so very, very sorry and sad for your loss.
Ada Eschen October 15, 2012 at 10:33 PM
No on proposition 34. For Polly, for Saskia, for Michael, for Sierra, for Daniel, for all of the victims, for all of the victims families. Don't let any statistics, any dollar amounts, any comparisons to other states, any arguments of inability to determent, nothing, let nothing get in the way to serve justice in the manner it needs to be served for those that have committed these horrible acts upon another innocent life. Be firm, be convicted, vote NO on 34!


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