Gilroy January Death Notices

See obituaries of people from Gilroy that passed away over the last month.

The following people with ties to Gilroy died in the last month. Click their names to read full obituaries. 

Ernestina Alfaro: Resident of Gilroy. Passed away Jan. 17. She was 83.

Casey Boyd: Life-long resident of Gilroy. Passed away Jan. 25. He was 55. 

Luise Brooks: Resident of Gilroy. She loved the Giants and gin and tonics. Passed away in early January. She was 91. 

Sally Daley: Resident of Gilroy. She lived on a ranch and was married for 55 years. Passed away Jan. 1. She was 78. 

Elida "Ellie" De Santiago: Passed away from leukemia on Jan. 17. She was just 24. 

Bryan Diaz: Graduate of Gilroy High School. He became a touring musician in the Portland, Oregon area and was a great golfer. Passed away Jan. 7. He was 29.

Barbara Furtado: Resident of Gilroy. She passed away after a long illness on Jan. 1.

Ian Andrew Macfarlane: Longtime Gilroy Resident. He loved sports and music and was born in San Francisco. Passed away Jan. 12. He was 42. 

Joanne J. Mendonca: Former professor at Gavilan Junior College. Passed away Jan. 8. She wa 82.

Sebastian Sanchez: Gilroy Regular. He was a co-founder of Chacho's Restaurant.  Passed away Jan. 7 in Gilroy. He was 71. 

Stephen Ralph Stuckey: Resident of Gilroy. He was born into a farming family in Kansas and became very handy as an adult. Passed away Jan. 11. He was 70.   

Carl Dean Tozzi: Born in Gilroy. Passed away Jan. 18. He was 51. 

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