GUSD to Hear Budget Cut Recommendations

Staff will present a report on potential items to be cut and actions to be taken during tomorrow night's board meeting.

The Gilroy Unified School District (GUSD) is preparing for all eventualities. Based on a potential for the 2012-13 school year, the board will hear recommendations from staff on what can be done to weather the gap during their meeting tomorrow night.

Based on recommendations from the Santa Clara County Office of Education, staff at the GUSD compiled a report on potential items to be cut and actions to be taken.

The shortfall hinges on whether voters pass a tax initiative put forward on the November ballot by Gov. Jerry Brown. If the initiatives fails, then the district will be out the $7 million. If the initiative passes, the district will still be short $3.2 million.

Should the governor's initiative pass, staff recommends a spending and column increase freeze. Items that could be chopping block for this scenario include adult education funding, elementary school music and physical education and home-to-school transportation. Staff also recommends implementing furlough days, which would reduce the number of workdays a year by eight.

If the initiative fails, then staff recommends increasing class sizes in grades K-12, implementing additional furlough days, cutting salaries across-the-board and reducing the work year for all 11 and 12-month employees.

Class sizes could go up to 38 students per one teacher in the high school levels, according to the report. K-3 classes could also increase to 30 students per one teacher, grades 4-5 might see an increase of up to 35 students per teacher, and middle school grades could potentially go up to 36 students per teacher.


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