Letter to the Editor: Romney Must Adjust on Mexico and Israel

One reader thinks Romney is missing his opportunity to capitalize on his Mexican heritage. Do you agree?

The following letter to the editor was submitted by reader Marc Perkel last week in response to the ever-escalating presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is struggling to figure out how to get the Latino vote. It seems to me that Romney passing up an opportunity to tout his Mexican heritage.

Mitt Romney's father George Romney was born in Mexico. Romney's family played a major role in establishing Mormon communities in Mexico. I think if Mitt Romney acts as if he's ashamed of his Mexican heritage that it will insult the Latino community. Romney should show he has some Mexican pride.

On another note, Romney would like to suck up to the Israelis and come back with a lot of money and support. It's easy to say that America has a solemn duty and a moral imperative to back up Israel with regard to Iran. But if Romney is going to be the President of the United States, he has to learn that his first solemn duty is to America and it is America, not Israel, who decides if we are going to war.

We have to make it clear to Israel, like Obama did, that if Israel wants America's help, then Israel has to accept America's leadership and that America is run from Washington, not Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. America decides what wars we get into or don't get into. And if Israel goes rogue then we will only back them up if it is in America's best interest to do so.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

What do you think of Romney's treatment of his Mexican heritage? How about his views towards Israel? Tell us in the comments!


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