48 Gangsters Arrested — Names Released

The Nuestra Familia gang has been led from prison by convicted felons since the 1960s.

Below is a list of the 48 members of the Nuestra Familia gang that were arrested and indicted this week in connection to dozens of violent crimes in Santa Clara County. Their gang nicknames are in parentheses. 

The Gilroy View Police Department was among the agencies that assisted in the mass gang takedown. All 48 have been accused of participating in a criminal street gang. Some of the individuals are facing other charges including murder. 

Larry James Lucero (Conejo)
Albert Jose Larez (Bird)
Martin Vazquez Martinez (Cycs)
Angel Kiko Martinez (Young Buck/YB)
Joseph Luis Vejar (Fat Joe)
Josef Ryan Oakes (Joe)
Ruben Cruz
Leonard Martin Rodriguez (Gordo)
Robert George Pacheco (Creeper)
Jose Ricardo Garcia (Largo)
Jeffery Michael Orozco (Soldier Boy)
Joseph Salazar (Payaso/Silent)
Juan Carrasco (Rico/Juanito)
Angel Solomon Espinoza (Baby Angel)
Brian Cody Chavez (Creeper)
Brandon Ross Bracamonte (Bolo)
Jose Louis Garcia (Looney)
Mario Martin Soria (Green Eyes)
Mathilde Mario Ramos (Dreamer)
Anthony Ross Chavez (Nightmare)
Toody Bobby Zamudio (Money)
Moses Joseph Rodriguez (Mo)
Andrew Luis Rodriguez (Turtle)
Isaac Guy Montiel (Temo/Rascal)
Anthony Bejarano (Silent)
Maryann Bejarano (Maryann Lopez)
Manuel Paul Montiel (Tweety)
Alfred Alpaiz (Dopey/Crow)
Francisco Guzman (Junebug)
Alex Daniel Bettencourt (Smokey)
Richard Torres Arteaga (Flaco)
Emiliano Francisco Ontiveros (Lunatic)
Edmund Carlos DeJesus
Christian Kantun
Jose Tapia Acevedo (Chuy)
Charlie Rivera
Andrea Yvonne Mirgoli (Drea)
Martha Francis Castro 
Monica Renee Orozco
David Charles Marquardt (Boots)
Alicia Marie Montiel
Maura Rodriguez (Maura Hernandez)
Sheila Marie Franco
Naomi Pearl Martinez
John Page
Antonio Garcia
Brian Kevin Faultner
Valerie Marie Bergara
Narsman June 12, 2013 at 07:21 PM
Well done, GPD! Keep all these lowlifes in jail. Or better yet, send them back to where they came from!
OldTimeGilroy June 12, 2013 at 08:04 PM
Hey, how come the chicks don't have cool street names? How sexist is THAT? Male chauvinist pigs!


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