Criminal Acts: Sex With a Minor, Baseball-Bat Assault and Child Endangerment

The following incidents were supplied by the Gilroy Police Department. The arrest information does not indicate convictions.

Gilroy police responded to an assortment of calls from Thursday through Tuesday, from car accidents to thefts to assaults. Here’s a selection from the latest press report.

Tuesday, March 27
5:37 p.m.—A 27-year-old male attempted to flee from police in a vehicle he had stolen. He was eventually arrested and the vehicle was recovered.

5:12 p.m.—A victim lost his wallet and an unknown suspect used the victim’s credit card to purchase merchandise.

4:27 p.m.—A unknown suspect opened a PG&E account in the victim’s name. The suspect had the account open in the victim’s name from 2006 through ‘11.

4:15 p.m.—A 23-year-old female and 22-year-old male were arrested for burglarizing a home on Santa Paula Drive. Witnesses interrupted the suspects while the burglary was in progress and the items were recovered.

12:01 a.m.—A 19-year-old male was arrested for having sex with a minor and providing and receiving oral copulation.

Monday, March 26
5 p.m.—An unknown suspect caused almost $1,500 in damages after breaking the front and back door of a house. It’s unknown whether the suspect stole anything from the home.

3 p.m.—A victim reported that his Social Security Number had been used in another state.

Sunday, March 25
11 p.m.—An unknown suspect cut the ignition wiring to a victim’s Toyota vehicle causing $500 in damage.

10:24 p.m.—The driver of a vehicle was found to be in possession of cocaine for the purpose of sale after his black Ford Mustang was pulled over by police for a vehicle code violation. The passenger of the vehicle was arrested for an outstanding warrant and possession of cocaine.

7:07 p.m.—Police contacted a 64-year-old man near the intersection of Leavesly Road and Monterey Street. During the contact, the citizen was determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance and was later found to be in possession of several hypodermic needles. He was taken into custody, cited and released.

8:38 a.m.—A 27-year-old felon on parole was found in possession of a loaded/concealed handgun and was subsequently arrested.

1:48 a.m.—A driver crashed into a parked vehicle around the area of Church and W. Tenth Street. The crashed vehicle was subsequently pushed into a third vehicle that then hit a fourth parked vehicle. The suspect fled the scene.

12:24 a.m.—A 50-year-old male was arrested for being in possession of methamphetamine and another controlled substance while in jail.

Saturday, March 24
1:24 a.m.—A 22-year-old male was seen urinating on Monterey Street. Police determined that he was drunk and also found him to be in possession of three white bindles of white powder that tested positive for cocaine.

9:56 a.m.—A green, 1994 Toyota Corolla stolen out of Santa Clara was recovered.

Friday, March 23
10:04 p.m.—A 45-year-old male was arrested for an outstanding warrant. During a search, the subject was found to be in possession of a controlled substance.

3:57 p.m.—A victim told police that his car stereo was stolen at knife point by a suspect.

Thursday, March 22
11 p.m.—A man and woman who have a daughter together got into a verbal argument that turned physical.

2:29 p.m.—A person was arrested around the area of Miller Avenue and Uvas Park Drive for driving under the influence with a child in the vehicle.

1:39 p.m.—A victim was transported to St. Louise Hospital for medical treatment after being confronted by eight suspects on Hersman Drive and having a rock thrown at his head, giving him a laceration

9:48 a.m.—A 24-year-old man was observed by witnesses leaving the area near a garage on Princevalle Street with bags of property. The man was located several blocks down and arrested. The stolen property was identified by the victim and returned.

Wednesday, March 21
3:37 a.m.—A white 2003 Lexus that was stolen out of Morgan Hill was recovered in Gilroy. The vehicle was stripped of its passenger compartment components. The suspect(s) are still outstanding.

Tuesday, March 20
11:30 p.m.—A victim was assaulted at his apartment by unknown suspects who beat him with a baseball bat, kicked him in the chest and stole his wallet.

6:20 p.m.—Counterfeit bills were used at the Little Ceaser’s Pizza located on First Street.

To view more crimes that occurred over the past week, refer to the attached press report. For questions about this blotter, email gilroypatch@gmail.com.

Jim Shuster March 29, 2012 at 11:49 PM
What's sad is this is a weekly occurance. Our so called city of Gilroy leaders need to take focus on keeping things under control and stop worrying so much about little things like what color a building is because it may offend someone.....Oooo this gets me going!


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