Gilroy Police: Halloween Was Business as Usual

A couple of stolen purses and cars was the extent of the Halloween crime in Gilroy.

The streets of Gilroy were certainly scarier than normal Wednesday night, but only because of the throngs of kids dressed as witches, ghouls and ghosts.

As far as Halloween crime was concerned, there was no discernable spike.

"It was nothing out of the ordinary," Sgt. Pedro Espinoza told Gilroy Patch.

There were several purses stolen from vehicles and a party broken up on Bennett Court, but no unusual violent crime to speak of, Espinoza said.

"Even with all the trick-or-treaters out, I wouldn't say it was any different other than paying a little more care to traffic and who is in the streets," he said.

According to Espinoza, as far as holidays in Gilroy are concerned, Fourth of July does require a concentrated effort on illegal fireworks. But other than that, holidays are not of special concern to Gilroy Police. 

CrimeReports.com shows four vehicle thefts, two break-ins, one assault, one vandalism and one injured animal in Gilroy on Halloween. 


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