Gilroy Businesses Perform Well In Alcohol Decoy Operation

Gilroy's violation rate is below the state-wide average.

Twenty-six of the 28 businesses involved in an alcohol decoy operation did not sell alcohol to minors, totaling a compliance rate of approximately 92 percent. 

Gilroy's violation rate—resting at 0.9 percent—is slightly lower than the state-wide average that hovers between 15 and 20 percent, according to John Carr, spokesman for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), the state agency that regulates alcohol in California.

The two businesses that did sell alcohol to a minor are Eagle Ridge Liquors located at 1327 1st St. and Charles Liquors at 166 West 10th St, according to Cpl. R. Quinones of the Gilroy Police Department.

The decoy operation, conducted by Gilroy police on April 13, involved decoys under the age of 21 who attempted to purchase alcohol from grocery stores, gas stations and liquor stores located on 1st Street, Leavesley Road, Murray Avenue, Monterey Road, Westwood Drive, Church Street and a few other areas.

Clerks at the two businesses who weren't in compliance had sold alcohol to a 18-year-old decoy and were cited for a misdemeanor violation 25658 section (a). Section (a) applies to anyone who's caught furnishing, giving or selling alcohol to a minor and typically results in a fine coupled with community service hours or a commitment of county jail time, Carr said.

Individuals caught selling alcohol to a minor are looking at a $250 fine and 24-to-32 hours of community service. When individuals furnish alcohol for a minor, meaning they’re approached by the minor from outside the store and agree to purchase booze for them, then the fine increases to one thousand dollars.

Section (a) also has a third level of offense that includes six months of county jail time for buying alcohol for a minor who is then involved in an alcohol-related incident that causes great bodily harm, Carr said.

The non-compliant clerks will not only have to deal with the court process, but can face administrative sanctions by the ABC, Gilroy Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao said.

Here’s a list of the businesses involved in the decoy operation:

  • Westside Market
  • JV Liquors 
  • Quick n Easy Market
  • Eagle Ridge Liquors 
  • Hecker Pass Liquors
  • 76 Gas Station, located at 601 Leavesley Rd.
  • Gavilan Market 
  • Paul’s Liquor & Market 
  • M&M Liquors
  • La Costera Liquors 
  • La Flor de Jalisco 
  • Safeway, located at 901 1st St.
  • Cheers Liquors 
  • Charlie’s Liquors 
  • CVS Pharmacy, located at 825 1st St.
  • Nob Hill Foods, located at 777 1st St.
  • Ameri-Gas Food Mart, located at 6991 Monterey Rd.
  • Walgreens, located at 770 1st St.
  • Arteaga’s Super Save 
  • Gilroy Market 
  • Plaza Liquors
  • Buy N’ Go Market 
  • Friends Food N Liquor 
  • 7-Eleven, located at 691 1st St.
  • 7-Eleven, located at 370 Leavesley Rd. 
  • Rite Aid, located at 360 East 10th St.
  • Del Sol Market
  • Chevron, located at 401 Leavesley Rd.


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