Neighbors Remember the Shimeks as a 'Nice, but Quiet' Family

Neighbors share their memories of the Shimek family.

As news broke of of Christopher and Lynn Shimek at 9402 Rodeo Drive this morning, people started driving up to their residence. Neighbors began gathering outside. People came and cried. They stared. Many stood outside their own homes, looking at all the people coming and going. People left flowers, balloons and candles outside the Shimek home.

Many neighbors in this upper-class neighborhood said they were still learning of the couple’s death. They expressed shock at what had happened to a family they all agreed was quiet and seemed very nice.

Carol Capozza, 50, who lives down the street from the Shimek house, said she had no idea of the incident until she read about it Monday morning. She said she was shocked to hear that it happened in their neighborhood.

“It being in this neighborhood—this is a quiet neighborhood,” Capozza said. “I didn’t really know them that well. My son used to play with their older son. From what I know of them, they always seemed to be a very nice family.”

Doreen Sandovao, 50, of San Jose, said she knew the Shimeks for about a decade, and that she was their next door neighbor for several years before moving up north. She said the last time she spoke with Chris was on Saturday.

“Chris was somebody who enjoyed his home and family, he enjoyed working on his home," Sandovao said.
Alma and Richard Finkes, who have lived down the street from the Shimeks for 14 years, said they found out about the deaths when their neighbor called Monday morning asking if they had any information.

“I heard nothing, absolutely nothing,” said  Richard Finkes about the suspected murder-suicide that happened around 9:40 p.m. on Sunday.

Alma Finkes remembers Lynn Shimek as an active woman. She did a lot of face painting for kids at local schools.  

“I saw them out walking their dog, working on the fence. They seemed like quiet people and it’s a sad thing that happened,” Alma said.

“It’s sad it happened in our community, and I feel sad for the boys. The children are the ones who get hurt the most. I’ve been in this house since it was built, and the whole area is really friendly, so it’s just hard.”

Another neighbor, who would only identify himself as Chuck, stood in front of the Shimek house for about an hour, staring. When asked what he remembered of the Shimeks, he spoke of Chris’s handiwork, explaining that Chris had renovated the interior and exterior of the house.

“He never did [construction] before. That’s his first time and look how great it is,” Chuck said while pointing to the newly constructed gates and stone walls on both sides of the house. “He did the whole front yard and redid the inside of the house.”

Chuck, who said he used to work with Chris, said the San Jose police officer liked motorcycles, that he was very smart and that he had a German Shepherd dog and a smaller Japanese dog that he walked frequently.

A Facebook page was created for Lynn, titled Lynn Shimek you will be missed.


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