UPDATE: Police Continue to Investigate Walmart Robberies in Gilroy and Paso Robles

A Walmart robbery in Paso Robles occurred around a week after the Dec. 28 Walmart robbery in Gilroy. The suspect from both robberies appears very similar, and police have been investigating a possible connection.

Updated Jan. 9 at 9:30 a.m.—Gilroy police are aware of the similar robbery in Paso Robles and are actively investigating the Gilroy Walmart robbery, Sgt. Chad Gallacinao of the Gilroy Police Department wrote in a prepared statement. As of Monday morning, Gallacinao said he believes the Gilroy suspect is still at large.

Paso Robles Police Detective Mike Rickard said Paso Robles police have a lead they're following up on, and that the GPD has a couple leads as well, but that they don't have any other information about the suspect(s).

He said one of their hunches was that the suspect was driving up 101 hitting up Walmarts.

"We're definitely trying to look and see if there’s any connection," Rickard said. "We don’t have any positive identification from photos and they look similar, but we don’t know exactly.

A Walmart robbery that occurred 130 miles south of Gilroy in Paso Robles appears similar to the , according to an article by CalCoastNews.

The Paso Robles robbery reportedly happened in the same manner as the one in Gilroy. In both cases, the baseball cap-wearing man passed a note to the Walmart cashier demanding money.

The robbery also took place around the same time as the one in Gilroy, the article stated, with both robberies occurring around 8 p.m.

Paso Robles Police Detective Mike Rickard reportedly told CalCoastNews that it could be the same suspect "robbing Walmarts along the Highway 101 corridor."

There were visible physical differences between the two suspects. The Paso Robles suspect was clean shaven, unlike the Gilroy suspect. There was also height difference of 1 inch in the descriptions.

For more information, refer to the CalCoastNews article.


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