Police Chase Stolen Dump Truck; Driver Still Missing

Gilroy PD was hot on the trail of a stolen rig on Friday.

Gilroy Police helped track down a stolen dump truck Friday. The truck is believed to be one of several stolen from Gilroy that is being moved throughout the Central Valley.

KION Reported Friday that the dump truck began its journey near Modesto, then the chase began in Gilroy and ended in Aromas. 

The driver made his way to the end of a dirt road, where he ditched the truck and ran into a wooded area, according to KION. While he was not arrested, he left behind a passenger in the truck and identifying information that have police still in pursuit. 

Although no one was hurt in the chase, the driver certainly threatened the safety of others on the road.

"The driver did veer on to oncoming traffic once we got off the freeway several times trying to either intimidate other cars or basically try to have us back off," CHP Sgt. Brian Wittmer told KION.

Due to the size of the truck, officers had to take special care with the chase and could not use a spike strip.


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