Press Conference, Vigil Planned for Suicide Victim Audrie Pott

One Gilroy boy and two Saratoga boys are accused of sexually assaulting Pott.

A press conference is scheduled this morning Monday, April 15 at 11 a.m. at San Jose's Radisson Hotel by the family of former Saratoga High School student Audrie Pott, . 

The event's purpose is to allow Audrie's parents, Lawrence and Sheila Pott, and step-mother Lisa Pott, the chance to speak to media from around the country about allegations that their 15-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by three classmates Sept. 2, 2012 after a night of drinking at a Saratoga home.

Accompanied by family investigators and attorney Robert Allard, the parents will give additional information about their accusations that the boys distributed on the Internet an inapropriate image of the girl taken the night of the alleged assault, which they say later led to her suicide in Los Altos.

According to Ed Vasquez, a spokesman for the Corsiglia, McMahon and Allard San Jose personal injury law firm, the parents are considering filing a lawsuit about the alleged assault and subsequent sharing of the image.

The boys, who are not being named because they're minors, were arrested Thursday by Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies following a seven-month investigation by the agency aided by school resource officers.

Two youth at SHS and one at Christopher High School in Gilroy were taken into custody on two counts of sexual battery—one felony and one misdemeanor—and one additional count of possession and distribution of harmful matter depicting the victim, which is a felony, said Santa Clara County sheriff's Lt. spokesman Jose Cardoza.

Candlelight Vigil Planned

This weekend, Audrie's family announced on the Facebook page for the Audrie Pott Foundation, that a candlelight vigil in her memory would be held at Saratoga High School at 8 p.m. Friday, April 19.

"This event to commemorate and honor Audrie is currently tentative, and more details will be provided within the next week. We would appreciate it if potential attendees would wear teal. Thank you for your continued support," the post said.

Boys Accused of Destroying Evidence

On Friday, April 12, those posting on the Audrie Pott Foundation's Facebook page posted a message saying they suspected the boys "who we believe are responsible for Audrie’s death took deliberate steps to destroy evidence and interfere with the police investigation.

"If students have information about this crime, if they saw pictures or know anything that will assist in bringing these young men to justice, please come forward."

The note said Audrie's family is asking for any students with information to contact family attorney Allard.

Allard has told the media that Audrie was sexually assaulted many times by the boys after she passed out from drinking alcohol served at a party at the Saratoga home of a friend whose parents were vacationing in Napa Valley.

Between eight and 10 students attended the party drinking hard liquor mixed with Gatorade, according to Allard.

While Audrie laid unconscious and naked, someone took at least one photo of her and shared it with others and posted it online before it was removed, Allard said.

The allegations are similar to those brought a.

During that case, the inapprpriate sharing of images online was revealed and the offense aided prosecutors in winning convictions against the boys.


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