Victim Uncooperative in Deadly Weapon Assault

A man is avoiding police after being hit with a blunt metal object on Monday morning.

A Gilroy man struck with a blunt metal object Monday morning wants nothing to do with the police, Sgt. Pedro Espinoza said.

At 5:08 a.m., a woman and three men approached a house on the 400 block of E Las Animas Avenue. They demaneded money and when the resident refused to pay, he was assaulted with what police are guessing to be a metal wrench.

The suspects as well as the victim took off from the house, while a second victim, who suffered minor injuries, stayed and called the police.

Almost 36 hours later, the primary victim has not been located. There are many reasons that even victims of violent crimes don't want to talk to the cops, Espinoza said.

"It's not necesarrily gang-related, some people just don't want to speak to police because they don;t want to be labeled as a snitch," Espinoza said. "Maybe they want to take matters into their own hands. Sometimes it's because it started as some sort of criminal transaction with drugs and money."

The three male suspects are described as Hispanic men between 25 and 28-years-old. One is five-feet-seven-inches and 170 pounds, one is five-feet-six-inches and 190 pounds and one is five-feet-six-inches and 135 pounds. 

Anyone with information should contact the Gilroy Police Department at 408-846-0350.


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