Bullis Charter School Hands Over Donations Data

LASD's president said he was disappointed at BCS' decision to appeal to the higher court, to the same effect as the lower court, after the district had made an effort to address BCS' privacy concerns.


The Bullis Charter School began providing financial donation information this week, as it had been ordered in November, and following the state appeals court's declining to review that order. 

In a written statement on Tuesday, the Los Altos School District said BCS "produced the first part of the information Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Lucas ordered produced, and is producing the rest of the information this week."

The district had requested the donation information as part of the discovery process, which it had invoked when Bullis moved to ask for $1.3 million in attorneys' fees stemming from a previous lawsuit successfully challenging the 2009-2010 facilities allocation. The District sought information about donations  to challenge whether a broader public good was being served and to preserve public education funds.

Bullis (BCS) had balked at discovery, saying that the donation information was too intrusive and violated fundamental privacy rights. In response to those concerns, the district had scaled back its requests during conference sessions with the judge, so that donor identity was not requested and offered to subject the information to a protective order so that only a limited set of individuals could see it. BCS responded that it believed it was still possible to apply some kind of forensic techniques to discover donors' identities.

Los Altos School Board President Doug Smith said that the district had made a "good-faith effort to resolve the issue without further litigation," and that he was disappointed BCS had taken it up to the court of appeal.

BCS’ legal memorandum in support of its petition, and the District’s opposition, are available on the LASD website at http://www.lasdschools.org/District/News/5211-LASD-BCS-CourtUpdate.html   

L.A. Chung December 19, 2012 at 04:05 PM
@Concerned LA Citizen: To be clear, the order granted a request for the top 25 donation amounts, the type of donor, i.e. parent, foundation, business, etc. Also, it is submitted under protective order, which limits the individuals who see the information. Presumably, the Judge Lucas, who is well-respected, would not consider "gossip-mongering LASD vigilantes" to qualify under that status, nor would selling such broad information, for whatever value that might have to marketers, be allowed. Many fundraising campaigns, with their circles of donor recognition by name at various dollar levels, provide more specific information.
Tamara M Fagin December 19, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Will LASD and LAEF disclose same per school?
L.A. Chung December 19, 2012 at 05:39 PM
@Tamara Fagin: Since LASD and LAEF were not the prevailing parties in the 2009-2010 lawsuit, LASD has no reason to request that information under discovery. As the story outlines, BCS' had demanded $1.3 million in attorneys' fees. LASD filed a cross-motion for discovery of information that may reveal how the lawsuit was paid for, in consideration "of its obligation to preserve public education funding for pupils," i.e., not spend tax dollars on paying the prevailing parties' lawyers fees.
Joan J. Strong December 19, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Hopefully now BCS parents will stop believing the lies that Ken Moore and the rest of the BCS leadership tell them every day to justify their awful actions. The District is defending itself against a bunch of millionaire/billionaire thugs who wish to punish every LASD student so they can put $1.3 million dollars in their trophy case. The list of top donors to LAEF are published every year and anybody can see those. LASD is asking for FAR LESS information than what LAEF makes public voluntarily. So what does BCS have to hide? Could it be that the Charter School Industry is earmarking funds for the BCS legal fight? Are they using all of our children so they can achieve their broader political objectives? Is this all, "just business" as they say in the mob? Remember that the same Charter School Industry donors spent $250,000 attempting to smear Anna Song because she got in their way of their business plans. That was just ONE candidate--who spent about $6000 in her own defense (and won by a landslide, I might add). Spending $1.3m for them is like Coca Cola spending $1.3m for a Super Bowl ad. The District--and the general public--has a right to know what is funding these endless BCS lawsuits.
Joan J Yawn December 20, 2012 at 05:31 AM
Joan, your boring drivel has finally lulled me into a vast winter sleep. How about if we liven up this rancid discussion with a Holiday Haikku Contest! I declare L.A. Chung (master of the universe) to be the official and only, judge. Ready, go! (Ha, I sooo win, u luser.) Joan Strong, Prince Of Truth. Moore and more, suits file in. Lucas rules. Again.


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