Certain Sign Ordinance Violations Become Low Priority

The Gilroy City Council voted to make certain sign ordinance violations a low priority, while a special task force hashes out a new ordinance.


With a 7-0 vote, the  approved a motion to make the enforcement of certain  a low priority.

The "pause," as Mayor Al Pinheiro put it, on enforcement will remain in effect while a  works to evaluate and rewrite the current sign ordinance, unless otherwise directed by the council.

Violations now considered low priorities are:

  • Off site residential open house signs
  • Flags, balloons and streamers
  • A-frame/portable signs that marginally exceed size requirements, signs that aren't immediately in front of a business or are located on private landscaped or grassy areas
  • Multi-tenant, A-frame signs serving a building mall
  • Banners exceeding the maximum of three allowed for a business and/or exceeding 30 square feet each in size and/or maintained for more than 90 consecutive days and/or not attached to a building
  • Temporary signs affixed to vehicles
  • Window signs exceeding 15 days and/or 25 percent coverage of the window

After city staff presented the violations that become low priorities, councilman Perry Woodward expressed concern that the laxer rules could lead to a free-for-all of violations.

Staff assured Woodward that only parts of the ordinance are now low priorities, while others, such as off-site signs, retain their enforcement status.

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