City Could Approve $500K in New Paving Projects

The Gilroy City Council has received bids on three different new pavement projects.

Over half a million dollars of Gilroy's city budget could be allocated to pavement projects at Monday's meeting of the Gilroy City Council.

The council is set to discuss and vote on three different projects, all of which received bids from contractors in recent months.

City staff is recommending that the council approve $83,684 to Nor-Cal Contractor to build 16 disabled access ramps throughout Gilroy — on all four corners of the intersections at Laurel Drive and Third Street, Welburn Avenue and Gaunt Avenue, Welburn Avenue and Kelton Drive and the two southerly corners at the intersection of Welburn Avenue and Westwood Drive and westerly corners at the intersection of Swanston Lane and Casey Street.

An additional $244,798 bid from American Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing Company, Inc. will be discussed for general pavement maintenance and re-striping around the city.

Lastly, Windsor Fuel Company put in a bit of $172,292.10 for maintenance, sealing and signage on Church Street between First Street and 10th Street. 

The total of the three projects is $500,774.10. The City received about 20 bids on the three projects. Had they accepted the high bids, the bill would have totaled $741,610.40. 

Funding for all of these projects has already been allocated in the budget, so it would not be an extra burden on the City or taxpayers.

What do you think? Should the council approve these contracts and go ahead with the new pavement? Do you think Gilroy needs new pavement and disabled access ramps? Tell us in the comments!

Wendy Davis April 02, 2013 at 07:40 PM
This is interesting. Paving in Toronto is hard to come by in some parts. Thanks for sharing! http://WWW.MELROSEPAVING.COM


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