Elected Officials Endorse Arellano for Gilroy Mayor

Bill Monning and Luis Alejo are among the group of political bigwigs that would like to see Peter Arellano elected mayor of Gilroy.

Words of support from the upper echelon are often a sign of good things to come — and that's exactly what Gilroy Mayoral Candidate Peter Arellano is hoping for with his batch of endorsements from California elected officials.

Arellano is looking to replace Al Pinheiro as mayor of Gilroy in next month's election, and his campaign appears to be picking up steam. 

According to Arellano Campaign Consultant Eric Hernandez, Arellano, currently a Gilroy City Council member, has earned endorsements from "Congressman Mike Honda, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Assembly members Bill Monning and Luis Alejo, ... Council Member Peter Leroe-Muñoz, the Sierra Club and many other local and regional leaders." 

Arellano told Patch in the spring that among his priorities for Gilroy are safe neighborhoods, education, developing downtown and preserving farmland. If elected, he would be the first mayor of Gilroy ever to be of Mexican-American descent. 

One of his most recent initiatives was saving the pool at South Valley Junior High to ensure that Gilroy has family-friendly facilities. 

"The pool was not only about saving a recreational site but about having a place where children can go to be safe and engaged. It was also about doing what was right," Arellano said.

He was also the only Gilroy council member to advocate for immediately improving the softball field at Sunrise Park at a meeting in September. 

"My campaign is aimed at uniting seniors, young voters, educators, the community, businesses, workers, resources, families and community groups," Arellano said. "[I want to] engage and involve these segments of the community to stand together to make Gilroy a better place to live."    

Will you vote for Arellano as Gilroy Mayor? Why? Why not? Tell us in the comments!         

Brash Brazen October 01, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Dr. Arellano joins Congressman Mike Honda as a vocal proponent of the enactment & prudent enforcement of California's medical marijuana laws. In light of the recent Appellate Court decision which states that cities are "pre-empted" by state law from enacting bans on medical marijuana dispensaries we need a leader who can help craft reasonable regulations for their operation. As a physician & politician no one is better suited to spearhead the resolution of this unnecessarily controversial issue than Dr. Arellano,who will undoubtably be elected Gilroy's next mayor. It's my understanding though that Dion Bracco does have the tweaker vote all locked up (unless they already are) ! My congratulations to mayor Arellano in advance !!!
Jacob Bourne (Editor) October 01, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Anyone else voting for Arellano? How about Don Gage? Dion Bracco?
Shelly Valencia October 02, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Who else are those "elected officials" going to endorse for mayor? There is not another Democrat running! Arellano spent most of his time on Council uninformed, unprepared for the agenda items and grandstanding. He must like to hear himself talk! The meetings take three times as long because he has to repeat his position at least three times. Go to the City of Gilroy website and view the videos yourself.
Cat Tucker October 02, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I am not sure where you get your facts, but I am the one who proposed the Girls Softball field for Sunrise park over 18 months ago, I am the one who asked staff to look into how much it would cost when the housing project was being built and I am the one that had to convince my fellow council members to agree with me. Call the City Staff and verify or look at the online video of the meeting 18 months ago. Cat Tucker Gilroy City Council Woman
Jacob Bourne (Editor) October 02, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Hi Cat- At the meeting last month when the softball field was again on the agenda, a motion passed 4-1 to rethink the $50,000 investment for the softball field after all the bids came in too high. Arellano was the one vote. At that meeting he advocated for staying within budget but keeping the funds dedicated to the field. That certainly does not diminish your own efforts and dedication to the softball field over the last 18 months. Sorry for any confusion on that front.


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