Hide Your Dogs and Train Your Pigeons — Gilroy Has Animal Limits

Enforcement might be scarce, but there are laws as to how many dogs live in each household in Gilroy.

Turns out there's a municipal code for everything, including the number of dogs and overall pets allowed per household in Gilroy.

The limit is currently set at five dogs per household. Furthermore, no more than one unspayed dog or cat may live in a house. These rules do not apply to licensed vets and kennel operators.

There are also specific sections of the code regarding where your dog can poop and pee and what level of barking is acceptable.

Undoubtedly, the most colorful part of the Gilroy pet code is this: Animals under 24 inches in height (excluding dogs and cats) must be properly fenced, with the exception of homing pigeons, which are allowed to be released for training and exercise so long as they have a leg band with a serial number issued by a pigeon registry and do not perch or linger on another building without consent.

So...to be clear, your homing pigeons need consent to land on other buildings. Yes, that is actually in the Gilroy City Code.

The Gilroy dog limit is far less strict than that of other cities, but it is the same as the Morgan Hill code. See the list of cities and pet regulations below.

City Number of Dogs Allowed Total Pets Allowed Capitola 2 4 Scotts Valley 2 N/A Campbell 2 5 Los Gatos 2 5 Santa Clara County 2 (3 on parcels over 5 acres) N/A Santa Cruz 3 6 Watsonville 3 6 Sanger 3 N/A Santa Ana 3 N/A Morgan Hill 5 5 Gilroy 5 5

Enforcement of these laws is often scarce. But it's valuable information nonetheless, for locals to know whether or not they are in violation of the city code. 

Do you think this code is fair? Should there be a limit on dog ownership? Tell us in the comments!


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