Mayor Candidate Don Gage Gathers Long Endorsement List

Don Gage has the support of many in the Gilroy community.

—Contributed by ElectDonGage.com

Don Gage has received the sole endorsement of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce’s new political action committee GilPAC in the 2012 race for mayor of Gilroy. Gage retired from a 30-year business career with IBM during which time he also served his community as an elected official where he has been a consistent advocate for business.  

“I strongly support Gilroy businesses and I am honored by the endorsement,” said Gage. “A strong business environment means more local jobs.”

GilPAC joins a crowded field of key local organizations and individuals backing Don Gage for mayor including:

League of Conservation Voters
Gilroy Dispatch
La Raza Roundtable
Mayor of Gilroy Al Pinheiro
Past Mayors of Gilroy Mike Gilroy, Roberta Hughan and Sig Sanchez
Mayor of Morgan Hill Steve Tate
Mayor of San Jose Chuck Reed
Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith
Assistant Gilroy Police Chief Lanny Brown (ret)
Gilroy Public Art Committee Members Judy Bozzo and Joan Buchanan
Gilroy Personnel Commissioner Sam Bozzo
Gilroy Housing Advisory Commissioner David Marano
Gilroy Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Moe McHenry
Gavilan Community College Board of Trustees Laura Perry, Tom Breen and Jonathan Brusco 
Gavilan Community College President Steve Kinsella
Gilroy Unified School District Board Members Rhoda Bress, Mark Good and Patricia Midtgaard
Gilroy Unified School District Superintendent Edwin Diaz (ret)

To see Gage's full list of endorsements, visit his official campaign website. http://electdongage.com/endorsements/ 

Don Gage is a Gilroy native who has served as city councilmember, mayor, county supervisor and water district director. Professionally, Don is a retired IBM program manager.

Summer Hemphill October 22, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Don Gage puts his own personal bias against medical marijuana before the law & the needs of his constituents who have a doctor's recommendation for it's use. He is as clueless about this issue as he is callous in denying "safe & legal access" to those who desperately need it. Don Gage took an oath of office to abide by & uphold "all" the laws of the state of California,not just the ones that he agrees with. His actions in conspiring with others on the City Council to obstruct state law constitutes malfeasance in office. He should be charged,tried,convicted,removed from office & be banned from ever seeking public office again. It's always good to know who your enemies are & the list of those who are endorsing this self-righteous simpleton is a who's who of our adversaries. Don Gage is wrong about medical marijuana dispensaries & wrong for Gilroy. Intelligent & compassionate voters will Elect Dr. Paul Arellano (D) for Mayor,the clear choice for a better Gilroy today & tomorrow. On the other hand Councilman Dion Bracco (convicted meth dealer) has the backing of anti-marijuana zealot Ron "The Clueless Crusader" Kirkish,whoever said that politics make strange bedfellows must know them personally !


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