Names in the News: Cat Tucker

The Gilroy City councilmember and mother hopes the accomplishments of her first term will help re-elect her in November.

Editor's Note: Election day is just around the corner and to give our readers a better look at the candidates who’ve thrown their hats in the campaign ring, Patch will be interviewing each one about what issues are most important to them, who’s their fiercest competition and what experience they bring to the table. Here's the third installment of our Names in the News feature.

Gilroy Councilmember Cat Tucker was elected to the council in 2007, and strongly supported more open government and fiscal responsibility in her first term.

As a manager for product marketing with Applied Materials for over 18 years, she fought for financial responsibility and review for the city she loves so much.

Now, the mother of two grown children, and wife of local business owner wants to help spruce up downtown business and fully fund Gilroy schools.

Patch talked with Tucker about her proudest accomplishments of her first term and what she would like to get done in her second term, if re-elected.

Gilroy Patch: What are your greatest accomplishments during your first term on the council?

Cat Tucker: I did everything I said I was going to do when I first ran for office. I helped establish a quarterly financial review of the city's expenses, which helped the city a great deal during the economic downturn.

I strongly supported the Open Government Ordinance that was implemented a few years back, there was a lot of work and a lot of discussion involved with that process.

I also was a member of the city's Library Ad Hoc Committee, where I was responsible for watching, reviewing and going over the build-up of the new library. We went over every aspect of the library, and met on a monthly basis. I was able to recommend trees, benches, and a courtyard out in front of the library, that was me.

Patch: What do you want to accomplish in your second term, if re-elected?

Tucker: here's still a lot to do. I still want to revitalize downtown Gilroy and get support for those businesses. There is still a lot to do for the arts, the current issue with the art center building with renovations.

I also want to find a legal way to support our schools. The council has always been strong partners of the schools, and we need to come to an agreement with our local school board and see what we can legally do to fully fund them, I'm open to proposals.

Patch: What experience do you bring to the position of city councilmember?

Tucker: I spent eight years on the Gilroy Planning Commission where I studied land use in Gilroy, and also served two years on the city's Parks and Recreation Commission.

I have been an active volunteer for several years at Saint Mary's Church, where I was the youth group leader. For several years I have been the chair of refreshments for the Gilroy Garlic Festival, where I manage up to 10 refreshment booths.

Patch: What's something you want voters to know about yourself?

Tucker: I love Gilroy. I raised my two children here and my husband owns a small business here. I'm a working mom that loves her community, and have no aspirations to run for higher office.

I love this town, and I want to make sure that Gilroy is a safe community with fiscal stability.

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