Mayoral Candidate Peter Arellano on the Issues

The issues City of Gilroy Councilman Peter Arellano plans to tackle if elected mayor.

City of Gilroy Councilman Peter Arellano officially declared his candidacy for mayor on Tuesday evening.

Below is the list of issues Arrelano would tackel as mayor, courtesy of Vince D. Monroy, campaign communications representative for Arellano.

These topics will be discussed in greater detail during a gathering at the old Joe’s Italian Restaurant on Saturday, April 28, at 6 p.m. Arellano is expected to outline his plans for the future of Gilroy and roll out the timeline of his campaign at that time.

Peter Arellano on the Issues

1. Safe Neighborhoods

2. Education

3. Local Economy
    a. Developing Downtown
    b. Good Paying Jobs
    c. Plans to Support EDC
    d. Gilroy Gardens

4. Investing Tech, Green Energy, and Research
    a. Gavilan College

5. Preserving the Farm Land and Environment

6. Healthy Gilroy Initiative

Peter Arellano Notable Facts:

  • If elected to the mayor’s seat, Peter Arellano would be the first person of Mexican-American background to hold the office in all of Gilroy’s history.
  • Permanente Medical Group physician since 1990
  • City of Gilroy council member since 1999
  • Graduated with MD from Stanford Medical School in 1985
  • Graduated with a Master's degree in Public Health from UCLA in 1977
  • Graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of California at Riverside in 1974
  • Graduated with an Associate's degree from Gavilan College in 1971
  • The lone Democrat running for mayor

Find additional information at http://www.facebook.com/TeamPeterArellano


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