Speak Up: Questions for Local Election Candidates

Pose important questions for the candidates for Gilroy City Council and Gilroy Mayor.

With Election Day less than two months away—and sooner for you early voters—it's becoming increasingly important to know more about these candidates and their plans.

There are four candidates running Gilroy City Council (Cat Tucker, Paul Kloecker, Terri Aulman and Perry Woodward) and three candidates running for Gilroy Mayor (Dion Bracco, Don Gage and Peter Arellano).

In order to make your decision at the polls just a little easier, we'll be reaching out to all candidates to have them answer your questions. So ask away!

Post questions in the comments and tell us what race (school board, city council or state Assembly) it's directed to. After we've racked up enough questions, we will relay them to the candidates in an interview.

Bong Sativa September 16, 2012 at 10:21 AM
When will medical marijuana dispensaries open here in Gilroy ? Banning them is "pre-empted" by state law & it makes little sense to travel to San Jose & back to buy marijuana that I can legally smoke here upon my return ! Other than defying state law & inconveniencing me what is this unwarranted & callous attack on a patients right to "safe & legal access" really supposed to accomplish ? How can a convicted meth dealer like Dion Bracco have the audacity to deny medical marijuana patients their medication or better yet have the nerve to seek office at all ? Vote for Dr. Paul Arellano because Gilroy deserves better from their elected officials than what they've gotten from the inept & incompetent clowns presently wasting space in the Council Chambers !
Summer Hemphill September 17, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Other than Dr. Arellano which candidates believe the city should abide by state law & draft reasonable regulations for the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries ?
Brash Brazen September 21, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Other than Dion Bracco how many convicted meth dealers are running for mayor ?
Shelly Valencia October 02, 2012 at 03:58 PM
How does Paul Kloecker expect to be elected to assist in managing the City Budget when acting as the Treasurer for South Valley Symphony he didn't file tax returns for at least four years?!? See for yourself at this searchable website from the State of California. http://oag.ca.gov/charities/charity-research-tool#Location:Summary
Shelly Valencia October 02, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Proposed Questions: For each candidate that has vowed to improve or support our schools; 1. What is your definitive goal? and 2. What is your specific plan to make it happen? In the current time of economic difficulties and the looming costs of CalPERS what specific changes would you propose to decrease budgetary costs? How many police officers and firefighters are on protecting the entire city at one time? What are the consistent lowest staffing levels for each department? What is the response time goal (both police and fire)? What are the actual response time (both police and fire) statistics and how does this compare to other cities of the same size? What changes do you recommend to the Residential Development Ordinance (RDO) and why? Developers have been awarded RDOs from future allotments, have not used them, have been granted extensions and still have not used them. Other developers are requesting RDOs and are being granted market rate RDOs when there are not any left to allot, yet we have not met our State Mandated Low Income Housing requirements. What is your view point on this and what changes do you propose?


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