CHP Offers Tips For Labor Day Drivers

Stay safe on the roadways over the holiday weekend.

Are you heading out of town for a weekend getaway this Labor Day weekend? Or maybe you will be staying close to home and heading to the beach or a friend’s house for a barbecue. Whatever your plans are, the California Highway Patrol has a few traffic safety tips for you to keep in mind while you are out on the roadways.

  • Expect travel delays. Extra drivers and ongoing construction will inevitably mean extended travel times. Please plan extra time to arrive at your destination and exercise patience. 
  • Do not leave valuables in your parked vehicle. Lock your doors and take your keys with you. Vehicle theft and burglaries increase as the weather becomes more pleasant. Beachgoers will often leave valuables in their car along with their keys, and thieves know this.
  • Kaitlyn’s Law prohibits anyone who is responsible for a child from leaving any child under the age of 6 in a vehicle unless supervised by another person 12 years old or older. Please keep the heat in mind: Even though the breeze makes our weather seem very pleasant, the temperature inside a vehicle can rapidly rise far above the temperature outside.
  • Do not park illegally. Residents and business owners regularly call to report illegally parked vehicles. CHP responds to ticket and/or tow the vehicle, if necessary.
  • Obey all laws and stay focused on the road. Distracted drivers are extremely dangerous to the many drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists who will be out enjoying the weather and festivities. 
  • Designate a sober driver. Remember, any substance which alters your mood or mental state can impair you to drive. Marijuana, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs all impair drivers and cause collisions. 
  • Wear your seatbelt! It is your best defense against impaired, reckless, and distracted drivers.
  • Help us keep the road safe by reporting suspected impaired drivers.  Impaired drivers kill many innocent Californians each year. Dial 911 from your cell phone and be prepared to provide the dispatcher with the location, direction, and detailed description of a dangerous driver. We will do everything we can to respond. The collision you prevent could be your own.

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