Betsy Miller
I'm a technical writer and author located in Cupertino. I write both nonfiction and fiction.
My nonfiction work fits into two broad categories, technical writing, mainly about wireless technology, and health writing, mainly about pediatric orthopedic topics. You might be scratching your head about these wildly different areas, so let me explain. The technical writing came first. That's my "day job," where I work with local companies in Silicon Valley. I started writing about orthopedic topics because I was treated for hip dysplasia as a baby, and was surprised to find that there were no books in print about this topic. So I wrote The Parents' Guide to Hip Dysplasia. It took a long time, but I was and am happy with the outcome. I found that I really liked writing about orthopedic topics. I've been doing that ever since. The Hunter House edition of The Parents' Guide to Clubfoot is available for preorders and will be released soon, and I'll be working on another nonfiction book for Hunter House later this year. On the fiction side, some of my short stories are available at the Untreed Reads store, or through the iBookStore, Amazon, and many ebook sellers. I'm currently writing a realistic young adult novel about a teen who loves to dance and has to have hip surgery.
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